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Yona of the Dawn Season 2


Akatsuki No Yona is more known as Yona of the Dawn to the majority of manga fans. Released in 2014, it has grown into the most popular anime series. As a result of such a huge success, producers from Fandompost promised that manga will certainly have a continuation. Despite such encouraging information, we still do not know the exact Yona of the Dawn Season 2 release date.

The declaration of the Yona of the Dawn Season 2 premier taking place in the nearest future was made more than a year ago. Nothing has been heard about the exact date of the manga debut. The first season had a great success with anime fans across the globe. It contained 24 different episodes that were hitting the screen from October 7 to March 24 in 2014. The manga was announced to be the most popular anime adaptation in Japan. In 2015, all rights were purchased by Funimation to make the manga available to fans across North America.

When Will Yona of the Dawn Season 2 be Released?

The release of the first season was a huge success. Fans were waiting with anticipation for the official declaration of the Yona of the Dawn Season 2 release date. However, much time has passed since the first announcement made by producers a year and a half ago. Such a long delay made fans rather frustrated. They started sharing their disappointment on numerous forums. Most of them wrote petitions.

It seems like such activity made sense. The new season as expected to have 25 episodes. According to some sources, 8 of the 25 episodes are finished. It means there are only 17 episodes left. It proves the fact that the latest manga volumes provide enough content to producers. They now have everything they need to complete the second season.

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Yona of the Dawn Season 2

What Is Yona of the Dawn about?

The anime series tells us a fairytale story about a young princess whose name is Yona. She is the only daughter of her father who is the King and the ruler of the country where Yona lives. She is used to living a lavish life. She does not know how to survive under real-life conditions. Yona has an old friend from her childhood. His name is Soo-Won. She has a crush on him. They fall for each other and seem to be very happy.

However, Soo-Won has his own cruel pans. One night he kills Yona’s father and comes back to kill her as well. Luckily for the princess, she was saved by her guard. Those of you who are involved in the world of anime might find some points in the manga’s plot similar to Daenery Targaryen of GOT. The series also has a betrayed princess as the main character. However, Daenery Targaryen of GOT is in the list of forgotten series released back in 2009. On the other hand, Yona of the Dawn is recognizable manga series although released 4 years ago.

What to Expect from Yona of the Dawn Season 2?

The first season tool the audience by storm due to a flawless screening approach. Fans adored all main characters as well as a young girl who eventually grew into a woman with super powers. The series featured a great soundtrack in addition to music and sound effects that accompanied each episode of the series. A complete first season included 24 different episodes.

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We have no doubts that the Yona of the Dawn Season 2 release date will be officially announced in the nearest future. We are approaching the release date of the first season and di hope producers will make a huge surprise gift to all anime fans. Otherwise, there was no sense for Funimation to purchase the rights from the Japanese company. We will keep n following all the release rumors and inform you in case if the exact date of Yona of the Dawn Season 2 premiere.

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