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Vikings Season 5 release date


The Canadian-Irish historical series “Vikings” was created exclusively for The History Channel. It originally premiered in March 2013. The series is based on Scandinavian sagas and is not strictly historical. It tells about the raids of the Vikings of the early Middle Ages in the West Francia Kingdom and Anglo-Saxon Britain. In 2016, the series was renewed for a fifth season and the first episode of “Vikings” Season 5 was released on November 29, 2017. The season consists of 20 episodes, which were originally scheduled to air until February 2018, but at present, the release date for Vikings Season 5 has been changed.

The Plot of the Series

The series begins in the year 793 in Scandinavia. The young warrior Ragnar, his brother Rollo, and his friend Floki set off on a journey to England. The journey turns out to be successful and they return home with many riches. Ragnar becomes the ruler of the Danes and organizes new raids. But an internal conflict is brewing, and one brother betrays another.

In the second season, Ragnar emerges victorious in the battle. He decides to go on a campaign to gain the lands of Wessex. Lagertha, Ragnar’s wife, leaves him, taking their son, and becomes the ruler of Hedeby. While Ragnar is out on an expedition, his land is captured. But with the help of Lagertha, he manages to regain his lands and become king. The forces of Hedeby and Northumbria unite.

In the third season, Ragnar decides to capture Paris. In 845, the troops attack the city and rob it. Rollo leaves his brother and remains in France.

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In the next season of the series, leadership passes to Ragnar’s son, Björn, as Ragnar himself becomes very ill. Having recovered slightly from his disease, Ragnar makes another attack on Paris, but Rollo and his warrirors fend him off. Returning home, he realizes that his children have grown up and that they hate him. Only Ivar, his youngest and crippled son, keeps his loyalty to his father. Together, they attack England, fail, and Ragnar is executed. Ivar returns to his brothers.

What is Season 5 about?

The main characters of the fifth season are Ragnar’s sons: Björn Ironside, Ubbe, Ivar and Hvitserk. The capture of England and Paris circles their heads. Björn is preparing to go on a campaign in the Mediterranean and asks Rollo to help him.

The fifth season is full of battles. Iceland and Kiev’s Russia will be shown, and many new historical figures will appear. But at the center of the story will be a long standoff between Scandinavia and England. The fate of Lagertha remains uncertain, as there is information about her death in the trailer for “Vikings” Season 5, the release date for which is already known.

Making of the Series

Filming takes place in a uniquely beautiful place in Ireland. County Wicklow has become a favorite location for the crew. It is located near Dublin, and is known as Vikings’ Meadow. For filming grand battles, for example, the capture of Paris, large-scale sets have been constructed.

The scenes were filmed with the participation of hundreds of stuntmen who burned and fell at the siege of the castle. All the elements of the castle were handmade by the designers of the project.

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The cast was selected very carefully. The most interesting fact is that the creators first cast the supporting roles, and then filled the main roles. Almost all the actors are of Irish or Canadian origin, and they know the basics of fencing. The role of Ragnar was given to the actor Travis Fimmel. Rollo was played by former stuntman Clive Standen. Katheryn  Winnick played Lagertha. The role of Floki rightfully went to Gustaf Skarsgard as he is a descendant of the Vikings. The actors’ height is 193 cm.

The actors in the series have tattoos. It is believed that the Vikings loved to decorate their bodies with drawings. Rollo has the most unusual tattoo. It depicts a scene of the apocalypse from Scandinavian mythology.

The continuation of the series

The “Vikings” Season 5 release date was announced on November 29, 2017. The premiere on The History Channel took place on the appointed date, according to the release.

It is known that two months before the “Vikings” Season 5 premiere, the channel had renewed the series for a sixth season. It is reported that the role of Oleg of Novgorod in “Vikings” Season 6 will be performed by actor Danila Kozlovsky.

Vikings Season 5 release schedule

Episode Title Date
5×01 The Departed Part 1 29 November 2017
5×02 The Departed Part 2 29 November 2017
5×03 Homeland 6 December 2017
5×04 The Plan 13 December 2017
5×05 The Prisoner 20 December 2017
5×06 The Message 27 December 2017
5×07 Episode 7 3 January 2018
5×08 Episode 8 10 January 2018
5×09 Episode 9 17 January 2018
5×10 Episode 10 2018
5×11 Episode 11 2018
5×12 Episode 12 2018
5×13 Episode 13 2018
5×14 Episode 14 2018
5×15 Episode 15 2018
5×16 Episode 16 2018
5×17 Episode 17 2018
5×18 Episode 18 2018
5×19 Episode 19 2018
5×20 Episode 20 2018
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Vikings 5 season Trailer HD

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  1. I don’t really know why I’m excited about the season 5 release. It has had amazing previous seasons and I must say that this season is much anticipated.

  2. I love the Irish setting and cast too. I love war movies and this just happens to have a good plot and I just loved it. I look forward to seeing the complete season 5.

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