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Twilight 6


It is unlikely that the vampire saga “Twilight” can compare to any other films in its popularity among teenagers. Just the last parts of the fantasy series brought massive profits to the film’s creators. A huge army of admirers of Stephanie’s romance books only replenishes its ranks. All fans are eagerly waiting for the continuation and the 6th part of the saga: “The Twilight Saga: The Sunset of Eternity.” The “Twilight 6” release date is still being kept a secret, intriguing fans more and more.

Around the world, millions of fans are asking the same question of whether there will be another sequel to “The Twilight Saga” movies. Most viewers are sure that the story of Bella and Edward came to a logical conclusion and that any further continuation would only spoil the overall impression of the film. But other fans of the vampire story crave a continuation in the form of many parts.

The final film of “The Twilight Saga” was filmed in 2012 and since then, not a single film has been able to gain that much popularity or win the hearts of its audiences the same way. Attempts to release other multi-series films of a similar theme have been subject to mass criticism.

Chances of Continuation

Predicting whether there will be a further continuation of the film can be done by sequentially disassembling the previous parts:

“Twilight” (director: Catherine Hardwicke)

The story begins simply – a young girl named Bella (Kristen Stewart) moves to live with her father at the other end of the city. She attends a new school and meets Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) – a young man whose family keeps away from other residents of the city. For a long time, she struggles to understand who he is.

At the very beginning of the film, Stephanie Meyer, the author of the novels, took on a supporting role herself. She took part in the scene where Bella meets Charlie at the café, playing the woman behind the counter. The most exciting moment of “Twilight” was the fight in the ballet studio, and the most touching moment, of course, was Bella and Edward’s first kiss.

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“The Twilight Saga: New Moon” (director: Chris Weitz)

The second part of the saga has a sad beginning – Edward leaves so that he can protect his beloved from the danger that comes with the life of a vampire. Bella cannot stop thinking about him, but she meets Jacob (the character played by Taylor Lautner), who turns out not to be an ordinary man, but a werewolf. Throughout the entire film, he makes desperate attempts to get Bella’s attention.

“The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”

In the third part of the series, the main character must make a choice –werewolf Jacob or vampire Edward. The continuation of the story is quite intriguing as it is in this part that the main heroine is threatened with death – the vampire Victoria wants to kill her in order to get revenge on Edward for the death of her lover James. A clan of werewolves and vampires becomes Bella’s defense.

“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1” (director: Bill Condon)

In the second to last part of the saga “Breaking Dawn,” viewers finally get to see the long-awaited moment – the wedding of the main characters of Bella and Edward. They are simply magnificent and deserve attention. Setting off on their honeymoon, another unforgettable event awaits them – Bella’s pregnancy. Inside the young girl develops not a human child but a vampire who drinks her blood, making her weaker every day. Bella’s appearance becomes shocking. The most intense scene of the fifth part is the rescue of the girl after the birth of the child. Bella does not withstand the challenge and dies, but Edward brings her back to life, making her a vampire.

“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2” (director: Bill Condon)

What kind of life did Bella have after her conversion? Does she like her fate or not? What awaits the child of the main characters in “Twilight 5”? The fate of the other heroes also interests fans. How will the fight between the Volturi and the Cullen family end? The sequel delighted fans with an incredible story that was difficult to predict.

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When will “The Twilight Saga 6: Sunset of Eternity” be released?

A release date for a new part to the saga has not yet been released in the US. Even the most well-known fans were not able to reveal when the Twilight 6th movie would be released. What will the story of Part 6 be about? Will we be able to see a trailer in the near future? Will the actors’ performances be just as good this time?

What the new season will be about, we can only guess. In the 6th part, Bella is a converted vampire. It is hard for her to handle her desires. The Volturi want revenge and are ready to fight the Cullens for any reason. Will the directors be able to pull off this exciting story and eclipse the other parts with its genius? Wil the cast of actors remain unchanged?

The Twilight Part 6 release date will be known as soon as work on it begins. The continuation will not be seen earlier than 2019. Shortly before the release of the new saga, it will become known what adventures await Bella and Edward. We can only hope that the family of vampires will manage to defeat all their enemies and live peacefully, taking on infinity together.

On many online portals, you can already see the new title of the sixth part in the series: “The Twilight Saga: Sunset of Eternity.”  This gives great hope that there will actually be a continuation. The story is based on the family’s life after the fight against their enemies. The main role shifts to Bella and Edward’s daughter. Renesmee grows very fast due to her unusual ability. The Volturi appeal to the Cullens for help, and Edward has to make a choice.

Screening problems

Since 2012, there have been plans to film “Twilight 6” and “Twilight 7” based on the Twilight Saga novels written by Stephanie Meyer. However, a chain of unpleasant news awaited fans. The studio which had bought the rights to the films refused to work on the continuation, explaining that this was due to the subject matter no longer being relevant, and that they may incur serious financial costs.

The 6th part may include either one or two novels. Most likely, it will be an addition to the story itself told in Edward’s words rather than the main heroine Bella’s words. The story is taken from a book called “Midnight Sun.” However, most people argue that this option would not be suitable for a film as Edward has already told the main parts of his story through the original films.

The second novel is supposedly called “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner,” which is an addition to the third part of “The Twilight Saga.” It tells about a girl named Bree who creates an army of vampires. In the work, there are no references to the protagonists of the saga who viewers loved so much.

Actors’ thoughts on a continuation

Many viewers eagerly await the “The Twilight Saga: Sunset of Eternity” premiere. What do actors like Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson think about this? “The Twilight Saga: Sunset of Eternity” release date has not even been planned yet. Plus, the main characters do not plan to return to TV screens, as they consider this to be nothing more than a step backward in their careers. They are on the way to creating new images for themselves, taking parts in many new films.

It will take the company “Summit Entertainment” a lot of effort to try to get the actors to reprise their original roles. Scriptwriters and directors are encouraging fans of the films with interesting facts and promises. But will there actually be a continuation of the films which the growing generation loves so much, and will they have to wait long for the release of its name? The answers to these questions will appear very soon in the news.

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  1. The twilight series has really come a long way. I’m not surprised if there’s no continuity. But I’ll be glad if there is because I love the series.

  2. I really don’t see the point in a continuation. I mean, what else would they shoot! It has gathered lots of fans true. But a different movie based on the theme would be better. Just saying though.

  3. I hope that the continuing of the film Twilight series will be their…. And I love the series so much and I’m the biggest fan of ROBERT SIR AND KRISTEN MA’AM.. From the first Twilight series… I will wailt for.. Twilight 6… .. Twilight 6 should be their… I loved the film very much… And Sir and ma’am I will follow u on instagram… ???

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