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Tron 4


Although movie fans across the world managed to watch only two films, they wait with anticipation for Tron 4 release date. The bad news is that Tron 4 premiere might never take place, as it actually happened to Tron 3 movie. This time we will try to figure out why the third movie from the developing franchise was rejected. Should we expect more action delivered by Tron 4 premiere? Let’s find it out!

When Will Tron 4 be Released?

The Tron franchise has become pretty popular thanks to two award-winning movies as well as video games for PlayStation and X-Box. It boasts a huge fan-base and a growing notability. Released in 2020, the last movie had a huge success despite criticism around the trailer. Tron: Legacy has proved that the entire franchise could have a great future. However, eight years have passed. Nothing has happened since the release of the second film. Should we expect for Tron 4 premiere? Probably not.

According to the insights from behind the scene, the stage for the third movie was already set. However, the failure of Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland seems to have taken the cast and producers down to earth making actors really confused about the future of the new movie that would never hit the screen.

Tron 4 premiere

Money was the main reason for rejecting the movie. Tomorrowland failed to earn enough considering its $109 million budget and only $209 million gross. We should also mention its 50% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is hardly a good sign for the new project to be launched. It all resulted on a plug pulled on the third Tron movie by producers. It means that the same thing might happen when it comes to Tron 4 release.

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Will We Ever Know the Tron 4 Release Date?

The answer is “no”. At least, not for now. The main problem is that Tomorrowland shares some similarities if compared to the Tron franchise. In other words, the new Tron movie is very likely to face the same financial problems. It means catastrophe for Disney. Both projects feature a talented hero scientist who goes outside the advanced sci-fi world to change the future of the planet. Considering such similarities, investing millions of dollars in the third and fourth installments looks like a very bad idea from any perspective.

For fans, it means no Tron 4 release date or premier in the nearest future. The actor Garrett Hedlund feels rather confused with this fact. However, he still looks for opportunities in new projects. The problem is that he is currently prone to various failures the same way it happened after attaching him to Akira adaptation. The film was an epic failure resulted in Garrett’s part in Inside Llewyn Davis.

Tron 4

When to Expect Tron 4 Premier?

Despite all rumors and failures, the situation does not mean we will never watch Tron 4 premiere. The universe we know from the previous movies is very exciting and still has plenty to offer to its fans. The last October brought so many rumors about the new installment that would hit the big screen along with the Blade Runner. By the way, Jared Leto was rumored to take part in this controversy project. Luckily for the actor and his fans, nothing has happened.

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We do hope the situation around the franchise will change in the nearest future. Millions of fans around the globe are eager to dive deeper into the Tron universe and find out more about the main characters. Two films are not enough for such a stunning franchise, aren’t they? We will keep you in touch with the latest updates and let you know if any info about the Tron 4 release date will appear.




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