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Tokyo Ghoul season 3


In the summer of 2014, the premiere of the anime series “Tokyo Ghoul”, shot on the sci-fi fantasy manga of the same name, was held. The author is very popular not only in Japan, but all over the world. Not surprisingly, the studio Pierrot and director Xuhei Morita decided to move the plot of the book to the screen. Anime fans liked the 1st season, and in 2015 came the second season, also did not disappoint the audience. But he ended very vaguely, and when to wait for the Tokyo Ghoul 3 season to find out what happened to the main character.

The beginning of the anime story

The protagonist of this series is an ordinary Japanese student Ken Kaneki from Tokyo. He likes to read, to be in solitude. His life changes in one day, when he comes to the hospital, he is transplanted organs of the deceased ghoul. Now he’s half a monster, he dislikes ordinary food, because ghouls need human flesh. Thanks to willpower, Ken is opposed to the desire to kill people, settling in a restaurant where ghouls are provided with the necessary food. Ken Kanaki gets to know other ghouls, learns that not all of them are monsters. He learns to live anew, adapting to his new role.

The opinions of Russian critics about the first season were divided. This series can not be called a cartoon serial. It has a lot of bloody scenes, brutal murders. Some view this series as an ordinary vampire saga, some like a drama. The viewer, watching the emotions of the protagonist, who rushes between his evil and good side, experiences with him.

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Tokyo Ghoul season 3 release date

Development of the story

Continuation of the story of Kana Kanaki received in 2015, when the second season of the anime series Tokyo Ghoul. This season Ken Kaneki continues to be tormented by doubts about which side to take. He still struggles with his dark side, hiding the left eye under the bandage, so that no one will recognize the manifested traits of the ghoul.

The continuation was no less dynamic than the beginning. Only in the second season there are more dialogues and more drama. Ken collects a team of like-minded people, and begins to fight the evil monsters, but unexpected obstacles come in his way. At the end of the season, people begin an active fight with the Tokyo Ghoul. Who will be the victor of this battle, and how will Ken himself be saved? Or he will not take sides of people? It will be possible to find out, only waiting for the release of the 3 season anime.

Are the TV series going to continue?

Many anime lovers are wondering whether there will be a 3rd season of the Tokyo Ghoul. If to judge, because in the manga, on which the series is shot, there are 14 tankobons, the material for the shootings is enough for the creators. It can be hoped that soon there will be not only Tokyo Gul 3 season, but also 4, and maybe the fifth.

They say that the creators of the next season will slightly change the main plot of the film. But, in general, the viewer will again observe Kanaka’s amazing adventures.

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Tokyo Ghoul season 3 premiere

Tokyo Ghoul season 3 release date

The preliminary timetable for the release date of season 3 is as follows:

Serial number Name Released
Episode 1 3×01 July 16, 2018
3×02 Episode 2 July 23, 2018
3×03 Episode 3 July 30, 2018
3×04 Episode 4 August 6, 2018
3×05 Episode 5 August 13th 2018
3×06 Episode 6 August 20, 2018
3×07 Episode 7 August 27, 2018
3×08 Episode 8 September 3, 2018
3×09 Episode 9 September 10, 2018
3×10 Episode 10 September 17, 2018
3×11 Episode 11 September 24, 2018
3×12 Episode 12 October 1, 2018

Interesting facts

  • The first season was shot exactly according to the manga of the Japanese author. But those who read comics and watched anime, could notice that in the second season the plot does not quite match the original. It is difficult to suppose that it will be in season 3. But it must be action-packed and exciting.
  • Anime Tokyo Ghoul 3rd season will include twelve episodes, just like the previous seasons.
  • The third season continues to shoot studio Pierrot.
  • The design of Kaneki’s combat suit was developed by Tsukiyama Shu.
  • The series has a bright color scheme, which contains red-purple and violet shades.
  • 3D graphics, careful drawing of characters, dynamic musical accompaniment makes the series memorable and vivid.

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