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Timeless Season 2 Is coming back sooner than you think


NBC had a bumpy ride with its time travel related show called Timeless. It was canceled after its first season. But looking at the kind response of the following community, the decision was reverted back just days after. In season 1 of Timeless, the makers focused on the appearances and sights. They emphasized on the viewers rather than the story and characters and their backgrounds. This made the show lose a little appreciation. But in Timeless Season 2, they are doing the right thing. Diverting their focus on the story and the characters, they have cut down the budget for the fancy suits and the high-quality places where the shootings would happen.


Timeless Season 2 Release Date is set to be 11th March 2018. Though the time slot for the show has been changed to Sunday, 10 pm. This is not good news to some but given its cancellation, at least something is better than nothing. Every fan of the show is waiting for Timeless Season 2 Premiere on 11th of this month. The end of season 1 of the show left most of its viewers in utter disbelief due to its awesome twists.


The trio of Lucy Preston (played by Abigail Spencer), Wyatt Logan (played by Matt Lanter) and the awesome Rufus Carlim (played by Malcolm Barrett) are still going to appear in Timeless Season 2. They continue their journey of time traveling to different locations in order to defeat the threat to humanity. A master criminal set out to alter the human history. Most of the cast from season 1 is going to be in this season as well as the story is still maturing and is coming from a bad storytelling to an improved version of the awesome story.

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With Timeless Season 2 Release Date approaching, we would suggest you mark your calendars and get ready to be blown away by the revamped storyline. It has been expected for the Timeless Season 2 Premiere that the new season will bring enough drama and adventure to the screen in a more improved way so that the show can grab back its main timeslot of 10 pm Monday on NBC. The show has already seen a kind eye from NBC when it was ordered to make more episodes by NBC at the end of its first season. Fans are beginning to like the idea of time travel in a new way. Though the storywriters should not stick to American history only. They should try to explore the history of the entire world as it will bring more innovation and more places to explore in the story. Who does not love a time-traveling trio who is jumping the whole world? Let’s keep our hopes high and calendars marked for the 11th march and sit back and watch the second season of our favorite show with our favorite stars.

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  1. Woah! Lucy Priston! She’s coming back and I can’t hold in my excitement. This would be awesome I must say. Well, I’ll mark my calendar till the whole episode is out!

  2. The trailer looks really interesting. I think I’ve missed out so I’ll just go back and watch the season one while waiting for the complete season two!

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