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The Expanse season 3 – all episodes


The fantastic series “The Expanse” was shown in 2015 on the channel Syfy. It was created by Hawke Ostbi and Mark Fergus on the basis of the eponymous series of books by James Corey. Under this pseudonym, they write Tai Frank and Daniel Abraham. The film, shot in the genre of science fiction, was warmly received by the audience and received good reviews from critics. In 2017, the second season of the series was released. And very soon the premiere of the film Expansion 3 season is expected.

The storyline of the series

The film’s actions unfold in the distant future. There was a colonization of the solar system, Mars became independent. At Ceres, the planet closest to the Sun, ice is extracted for the Earth. The entire belt of asteroids is divided into zones of the protectorate. Joseph Miller, a detective with Ceres, was commissioned to find the daughter of an influential man: Juliet Andromeda Mao, who disappeared.

On the cargo ship of Canterbury, which returns with a cargo of ice to Ceres, at this time an attack was committed. Five crew members, led by Officer Holden, remain alive, they are picked up by the flagship of the combat fleet from Mars, but it is attacked by an unknown ship. Detective Miller in the course of the investigation finds a link between the death of the ships and the missing girl. This discovery almost cost him his life.

The Expanse season 3 premiere

Miller is fired from his job, but he does not leave the case and goes to Eros to find traces of the missing girl. There he meets Holden. The whole Eros is infected by an unknown organism, and they need to find a way to the ship to quickly leave the infected place. In the second season of the series, the adventures of Holden in space continue.

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Information about the TV show

Syfy in April 2014 announced the screen version of the series of books “The Expanse”, making an order for ten episodes of the first season. The president of the company said that this will be the most ambitious project in the history of the TV channel. To create the project, scriptwriters Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostbey were joined by the director of Theria Madonath and Naren Shankar. Filming began in the fall of 2014 in Toronto.

The role of the detective Miller was performed by Thomas Jane. His hero is a guy from the street, he does not count with anyone, takes bribes, treats the law with profit for himself. Miller can not be called a good character, the actor himself about him responds quite sharply, but he hopes that the spectators like the bad guy. For the sake of this role, Thomas had to lose weight, because according to the script of the film all people grow tall and thin due to low gravity.

James Holden brilliantly performed by Stephen Strait. The character of Strait is constantly in space, although his work is risky, he likes it.

Dominic Tipper in the role of Naomi Nagata, one of the survivors of the Canterbury ship. A girl from the working class, born on Ceres.

Chad Coleman played Fred Johnson, who on the plot is a representative of the SVP (Union of Outer Planets).

Kes Anwar – the role of the pilot Alex Kamal, an officer of the Martian fleet.

Florence Favre – Juliet Andromeda Mao. It was her who had to find Detective Miller.


Also in the main roles involved actors: Shohre Aghdashlu (Chrisien Avasarala), Wes Chatham (Amos Barton) and others.

The expanse season 3 release date

The pilot was presented on the channel Syfy in November 2015, the premiere of the season was held in December of the same year. Almost immediately it was announced that the series will continue. And on February 1, 2017, the second season started. The fact that the third season will be, there is no doubt. Only the release date is constantly transferred. According to the latest information, new series can be seen already in April 2018.

Timetable for all episodes of the Expanse season 3

№ of episode Name Release date
3х01 Episode 1 7th of February 2018
3х02 Episode 2 14th of February 2018
3х03 Episode 3 21st of February 2018
3х04 Episode 4 28th of February 2018
3х05 Episode 5 7th of March 2018
3х06 Episode 6 14th of March 2018
3х07 Episode 7 21st of March 2018
3х08 Episode 8 28th of March 2018
3х09 Episode 9 4th of April 2018
3х10 Episode 10 11th of April 2018
3х11 Episode 11 18th of April 2018
3х12 Episode 12 25th of April 2018
3х13 Episode 13 2nd of May 2018


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