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The Chi season 2


There are only a few seasons which see a continuous rise in their ratings with every aired episode. One of them is The Chi. This season is about how life is in a neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago city. Produced by a number of talented producers, The Chi is grabbing everyone’s attention. It became the center of the spotlight when it was announced that The Chi Season 2 is confirmed. This news came out when only 4 episodes were aired of the first season from a total of 10 episodes. Such a feedback is quite a good thing for a series. With an average of 4 million viewers weekly, The Chi is currently the best “Showtime” series.


Gary Levine, Showtime’s president of programming said that the response to this series was so good from the viewers and critics that it was an easy decision for us to go for a second season. Although The Chi Season 2 Release Date is not confirmed yet as the season itself is going through the first season but having a conformational news about the renewal of everyone’s favorite season is surely a good thing to hear. Season 1 of the show aired on 7th January 2018 and on 30th of the same month, it was announced that season 2 is coming.


With a very powerful cast, The Chi is grabbing a very big applause from the makers. Jason Mitchell who is playing the role of Brandon and Jacob Latimore who is playing Emmett, both are being very honest with their characters and then comes the junior star of the series; Alex R. Hibbert. This little guy is a sensation when he comes on screen and depicts the deep role of Kevin. Tiffany Boone is also exploring her role as Jerrika and it is yet to be seen what importance will be given to the roles of Ntare Mwine (who plays Ronnie), Yolonda Ross (who is playing Jada) and Armando Riesco (who is playing the role of a detective under the name of Cruz). It is pretty sure that each of the characters has a deep role to play in the series. We just have to wait and watch how the storywriters are unfolding the life in this neighborhood.

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Well as the release date for the second season of The Chi is not yet disclosed so it is a little risky to predict what we are going to see at The Chi Season 2 Premiere. But we should understand that we can only make any assumption about the premiere once we see the whole 10 episodes of the first season. At the end of the first season, we can be pretty confident where the story will go in the second season.


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  1. I watched the season one of The Chi and I was really excited about seeing season two. The season was great I must say and I love the plot and setting.

  2. The casts in The Chi are really talented and amazing people who knows just how to translate their parts. I love them and can’t wait to see them in the next season.

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