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The 5th wave 2


The film “The 5th Wave” was released in the winter of 2016. It was shot in the genre of science fiction and post-apocalypse, which is very popular in America. The film “The 5th wave” received extraordinary reviews of critics, the authors of various publications wrote negative reviews. In the Russian press, there were no positive reviews at all. The creators of the film were accused of a banal plot and weak special effects. Yes, and the game of actors seemed unconvincing to most film critics. Despite this, with a budget of 39 million dollars, box office fees amounted to more than 130 million, which confirmed the statement that viewers like post-apocalyptic dramas. The question of whether there will be The 5th wave 2 part, fell off by itself.

The plot of the movie

We present a brief description of the film for those who have not yet seen the first part. The main character of the film is Cassie Sullivan. She lives with her parents and her younger brother in Ohio. Life is measured and does not herald anything unusual. The girl is in high school, is a cheerleader of the football team and secretly sighs on the footballer Ben Parish. But the alien ship that appeared over the city crossed out a peaceful life and hopes for the future.

The first wave from the aliens: the shutdown of all electronics. There is no connection, traffic lights, radars, control panels do not work. Mass accidents and catastrophes are taking place. The Sullivan family moves out of town.

There they are caught by a second wave – a tsunami. Large coastal cities are washed from the face of the Earth. Cassie and her family manage to survive.

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The third wave is bird flu. It is modified by aliens, so there is no vaccine from it. People are dying, including Cassie’s mother. Oliver Sullivan takes the children and goes to the camp, where all the survivors gather. The father punishes Cassie not to trust anyone and gives her a gun.

The military arrives in the camp, they say that the 4th wave has begun. It means that aliens can disguise themselves as people, offering all adults to undergo a check. They take the children to the military base. People do not agree, there begins a shootout, in which all adults die. Cassie manages to escape, she takes the gun and decides that she will fight for her planet. The girl goes in search of her brother.

The 5th wave 2 premiere

On a military base, adolescents begin to prepare for military action. Of them, soldiers are made who will kill Others (aliens). But everything is far from being so. Soon the guys will understand that they are the Fifth Wave, and they shoot at people. What awaits Cassie and other teenagers in a difficult struggle? This can be learned by watching the movie The 5th wave in good quality. One can only say that the ending of the film does not give an outcome to the plot, the filmmakers immediately made it clear that The 5th wave of Part 2 will necessarily be released.

Cast and roles

The director of the picture is J. Blakeson. This is his debut film. But for the shooting of The 5th wave actors are chosen well. The main role in the film was played by actress Chloe Grace Moretz. She has more than two dozen roles, amateurs of American cinema could see her in such films as “Provincial”, “Keeper of Time”, “Scary Girl” and others.The role of Ben Parish went to Nicholas John Robinson, known for the movie “Kings of the summer”, “Be Charlie”.

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Also in the movie the following actors are involved: Dillon Monroe Buckley (Ringer), Ron Livingston (Oliver Sullivan), Maggie Siff (Liza Sullivan) and others. Chloe Grace Moretz and Nicholas John Robinson will be shot and in the movie The 5th wave 2, the release date of which has not yet been announced. The main cast for the second part of the film has not yet been approved.

When will The 5th wave 2 be released?

Sony Pictures Entertainment acquired from Rick Yaney, the author of the novels “The 5th wave”, the right to film the trilogy for a fairly high price. The trilogy consists of three novels: the first part is called “The 5th wave”, on its basis and was removed the first part of the picture. It is logical to assume that the second book of the Endless Sea trilogy will be taken as the basis of the fifth wave. There is also the third part “The Last Star”. Will the stories from it used to create a script for the film, the 5th wave 2, is still unknown.

The creators of the film prefer not to specify the release date of The 5th wave 2. There is also no official release of the film. Considering that the actors, which the scriptwriters plan to use in their film, are actively being shot in other films, the shooting of the film The 5th wave 2 has not even begun yet. It remains to be hoped that the fans will still see the continuation of the fantastic trilogy. It will not happen until 2019.

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