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Taxi 5


The company EuropaCorp (Luc Besson) removes the continuation of Taxi 5. The plot line of the comedy film – the adventures of a deft and quirky taxi driver and his best friend who works in the police and wants to get promoted. The movie trailer can already be viewed on the network. The release date of the movie Taxi 5 was published on the official source of the company. On the page in Tweeter was posted a post, which briefly reported the storyline and indicated the approximate date of the release of the film.

After the premiere of the first part of the Taxi, it’s been 20 years already. Reckless protagonist – a taxi driver was played by a talented actor Sami Naseri. The presentation of the fifth part of 2018 will be a significant event for the team, which for 20 years has made efforts to create a unique masterpiece of cinematography. French humor is not cheap and has no hint of vulgarity.

What is the secret of success?

The EuropaCorp company will continue the movie, but despite this, the team will be different. There is still no mutual decision on the film’s picture – spin-off or sequel. Despite this, the development of the script is almost complete. Luc Besson insists that the film has a logical continuation.

Features of Taxi 5:

  • In the movie, we will not see either the protagonist Samy Nasseri, nor Marion Cotillard, nor Frederic Difenthal.
  • It is assumed that one of the “old” actors will appear only in episodes, but not for long.
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The unparalleled play of the main characters from 1 to 4 part of the film turned it into a real masterpiece, which became the best among the numerous comedies of France. Will the new actors do their work just as well? As the creators of the film suggest – the sequel is doomed to success, as in the picture will be involved the heroes of the previous parts who loved everyone.

taxi 5 premiere


Not only the cast will be different, the director will not be Gastambid instead of Kravchik. He will get the main role in the Taxi 5. Co-author – Malik Bentalh, will perform a secondary role in the cinema.

For Gastombide, the movie Taxi is the dream of youth. It was to this that the young and talented guy aspired. Interest and high self-esteem, according to experts, 100% will play into the hands of the entertainment of the new part of the famous comedy. The new director will be able to bring the story to its logical conclusion or create a whole series of films that will be a continuation of the famous comedy.

Story line

taxi 5

Story line about the self-assured taxi driver and his friend the policeman. In the previous parts, friends found themselves in difficult situations, from which they found a way out thanks to a stable character and strong self-confidence.

Two young guys, Daniel and Emilien – different in character and having varied interests, could become true friends who are always ready to help each other. Despite the busyness and rich life, they managed to find their love and become fathers. Their sons from early childhood did not become water.

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The fifth part of the taxi was slightly late, if compared with the speed of shooting the previous ones. Many viewers said that 4 part of the comedy film is not interesting, because the plot is so simple that it can be foreseen. That’s why the film critics decided that nobody would continue to beat the topic for so many years.

Franck Gastambide decided to take everything in his hands, immediately fulfilling the role of the main character, director and screenwriter. He is confident that he will be able to keep an answer both to film critics and to the demanding viewer, who has been waiting for the continuation.

When is the premiere of Taxi 5?

Despite the fact that until the end of filming still a long time, the release date of the comic masterpiece in world cinema has already become known. According to team members Luc Besson, the premiere will be held in the winter of 2018. Before the release of the fifth part less than a year left!

The release date of the movie Taxi 5 is already known: January 31, 2018. It remains only to wait for the continuation, in which we learn about the fate of the children who loved the viewer of the main characters. Did they inherit from their parents professionalism or did they go their own way? In less than a year we will see a masterpiece of cinema on the screens of cinemas.

Taxi 5 Trailer

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