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Supernatural 14 season


The CW channel pleased fans of the adventures of the two brothers Dean and Sam Winchester. The creators of the project announced the continuation of the Supernatural series, the 14th season of which will be released on October 21, 2018. It has already been announced that the key part of the series will remain unchanged. And to him can be added heroes from past seasons. However, who will it be, the creators are not yet named.

The plot line of the television series “Supernatural”

The series “Supernatural” was launched in September 2005 and for a dozen years the show did not lose its popularity. The story of the series tells of two brothers who travel the US and fight with supernatural beings.

Hunting ghouls, demons, witches and other evil spirits of the brothers Dean and Sam were taught by their father John Winchester. When the boys were small, their mother killed a supernatural being. Everything happened before Dean’s eyes, but the boy was still too young to understand anything. Sam in this tragic time and was completely an infant.

Since that fateful day, John Winchester has been tracking down the murderer of his wife. Dean helps him in this dangerous occupation. Sam also decides to enter the university and leaves the family. However, after John dies himself, Dean and Sam unite and become hunters, investigating paranormal phenomena and battling with the generation of evil.

Supernatural 14 season premiere

Brothers Winchesters are constantly on the road. They are waiting for a small mysterious city in which occur unexplained science phenomena, massacres, disappearances of people under strange circumstances. Local residents of Sam and Dean are represented by FBI agents, forensic experts, doctors, historians, etc. The Winchesters not only cope with evil spirits, but also sweep out traces of the presence of otherworldly forces in the human world, so that others do not even notice it.

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For 13 seasons, it just did not happen to the main characters: they died and reborn, lost memory, turned out to be in the past, fell into another world. They fell in love, quarreled, reconciled and even sold their soul to the devil to save each other.

For so many seasons, the story of the struggle of two brothers with a supernatural evil could exhaust itself. However, the plot of the series “Supernatural” remains fresh and interesting. The secret of the success of the project lies in the charisma of its main characters – Sam and Dean. Actors show an amazing interaction on the set, moving the plot forward and filling it with jokes and fun.

Supernatural 14 season

«Spernatural»: 14 series, the show release date of the series

The authors of the series have already announced that the fans will definitely see the “Supernatural” season 14, the release date of which is set for the end of 2018. Season 13 ended in the fact that Lucifer had a son, and the Devil and Mary entered the parallel universe. Two more characters, Castiel and Crowley, were killed.

As the story continues, viewers will find out on October 21, 2018, when the first series of the upcoming season will be released. Series in the original voice acting will be published once a week on the channel The CW. But viewers from other countries will have to wait for some time for a professional translation. However, in Russia for the fans of the series there are special groups in social networks, engaged in amateur translation, which is available almost immediately after the release of the original series.

The longest-running science fiction show in the history of American television will end on April 10, 2019. Although the series shows high ratings, the authors decided to close it, not waiting for the moment when the show bored even the most loyal fans.

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Serial number Serial title Release date
14×01 Series 1 October 21, 2018
14×02 Series 2 October 28, 2018
14×03 Series 3 November 4, 2018
14×04 Series 4 November 11, 2018
14×05 Series 5 November 18, 2018
14×06 Series 6 November 25, 2018
14×07 Series 7 December 2, 2018
14×08 Series 8 December 9, 2018
14×09 Series 9 December 16, 2018
14×10 Series 10 December 24, 2018

Interesting facts about the adventure fantasy “Supernatural” season 14

According to the creators of the series 14 season will be final. With him, “Supernatural” will consist of exactly 300 series. Although originally intended to remove only 3 episodes. Yes, and the plot of the series was different, telling about journalists who lead a column in the newspaper about unnatural phenomena in different cities.

In the 14th season, the brothers will continue to move around the famous Chevrolet Impala. This car of 1967 release became the key character of the series and fell in love with the fans no less than the main characters.

Supernatural 14 season timetable

But the main intrigue of the upcoming season is the return of the old heroes. The creators of the series have already stated that in the 14th part the long-dead character will come to life. However, who will it be, the creators continue to keep a secret. Spectators assume that it will be one of the following characters:

  1. John Winchester. The father of the main characters passes into another world in season 2, but appears in some episodes in the following episodes. Perhaps, its creators will be enlivened in 14 parts, and John Winchester will again become a full-fledged character of the series.
  2. Adam Winchester. The younger brother of Dean and Sam, about whom the hunters for a long time did not know anything. Adam is the key character in part 5 of the series. Then the creators forgot about this hero, but he fell in love with the fans.
  3. Bobby Singer. The colleague and friend of John Winchester was also a hunter. Bobby Singer appeared on the series for 12 seasons, although initially the character was thought of as episodic. He was killed by the leviathan Dick Roman, but fans are hoping for the return of the beloved hero.
  4. A black-eyed demon that escaped from hell at the end of season 2, when Sam and Dean opened the gate. Ruby is a key character for the next two seasons. However, at the end of season 4, she dies at the hands of Dean.
  5. A cruel and merciless demon, the King of Hell. Until season 10, Crowley was considered a guest character. However, the charisma of the actor took over, and the authors of the series made the hero key. At the end of season 12, Crowley was killed, but the demon took advantage of his supernatural powers and secretly moved into the body of a rat. This plot twist gives the show fans hope that the charismatic demon will return to the series in the final season.
  6. Bela Talbot. The antagonist of the first episodes. Bela exchanged her soul for wealth, and when it was time for reckoning, she went to hell. Fatal beauty, confronting the main characters, is so memorable to viewers that they are waiting for her return for 10 seasons.
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Trailer of Supernatural season 14

Trailer for the upcoming season is not mounted, because the series is still being removed. While fans of the science fiction show can find on the official resource of the canal of the photo of the 14th season, and also see on the Internet fantasy trailers telling about what may be in the upcoming sequel. Also you can find interesting details about the upcoming season from the interviews of the actors and the team of the series.

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