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Shrek 5


Film studio Dreamworks Pictures has released a full-length animated film “Shrek”. Directors Vicky Jenson and Andrew Adamson shot it by the book, with the same name, written by William Steig. To date, four movies have already appeared, and all of them were enthusiastically received by the audience. This explains why Shrek 5 movie is already preparing for the release of the screens.

Features of the plot

It’s hard to imagine a person who did not see at least one part about the green giant, but let us anyway recall you the plot of this cartoon. The main theme is reminiscent of the cartoon “Beauty and the Beast”. The film contains the characters of favorite and well-known fairy tales. Their storylines skillfully intertwined with the main storyline of the film, creating a stunning story, interesting to adults and children. The creators of the cartoon used postmodernistic play on famous images. The usual fairy-tale images in this film are shown in an unusual interpretation. In the film, you can find references to many Disney cartoons: “Snow White”, “Peter Pan”, films “Matrix”, “Babe.”

Shrek 5 premiere

The first part of “Shrek”

Shrek is a big ogre who lives in a house on a swamp. He values solitude and does not want to communicate with the locals. But Lord Farquad evicts into the swamp all the fairy-tale characters from the kingdom of Dulok. To get rid of the heroes of fairy tales, Shrek goes to Farquad. Following him goes the talking Donkey. The Lord gives Shrek the task – to save Fiona, the princess from the tower of the Dragon. If ogre does it, his swamp will be returned to him.

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Shrek manages to free Fiona, ogre fell in love with the princess, but he brings her to Farquad. The wedding is being prepared, at the last moment Shrek, along with Donkey and the Dragon, manage to stop her. Shrek talks about his feelings to Fiona. She, in turn, says that at night she turns into an ogre. The first part ends with the wedding of the green giant and Fiona, who remained in the guise forever.

The box office of the first part of “Shrek” amounted to almost $500 million.

Shrek 2

The second film was released in 2004. The sequel collections were amazing – more than 900 million dollars. Fiona and Shrek live happily, but they have to visit Fiona’s parents. Donkey comes with them. Fiona’s parents are not happy with Shrek. It turns out that Fiona was to become the wife of Prince Charming, his mother, the fairy godmother, persuaded King Harold to get rid of Shrek. For this, they hire a Cat in boots. Attempt to break.

In this part of the film, Shrek and his friends will be able to stay in a different guise. The donkey will become a white stallion, Fiona will become a beautiful princess, Shrek – a handsome man. But later they understand that they do not need it, they defeat evil, they return to their previous guises.

Shrek 5

Shrek 3

The third part was released three years after the second. Box office – 780 million dollars. Shrek is not morally ready for fatherhood, but in the third part of the film he will have to accept this. He and Fiona immediately have three charming ogres. Shrek is offered the throne of the far-away kingdom, but he prefers to refuse, giving the crown to the young Arthur Pendragon.

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Shrek Forever After

The fourth film was no less popular, released in 2007, it collected 752 million dollars. It was planned as the final one. In it, Shrek has a personality crisis. He is desperate that his trademark roar does not frighten anyone, he is mired in a routine. The giant makes a contract with the dwarf Rumpelstiltshenom, wishing to live one day as an ogre. Very quickly, he regretted it, realizing that one must be very cautious in his desires.In addition to four feature films, the Christmas film “Shrek the Halls” was released, as well as the spin-off “The Cat in Boots.”

What is the release date of Shrek 5?

The Hollywood Reporter officially announced that NBCUniversal and DreamWorks Animation will release Shrek 5, the release date is set for 2019. The plot of the new part of Shrek has not been disclosed. Why did I have to wait so long to continue? In an interview with Fox Business Network Katzenberg said that they gave the characters a little rest. But the cartoon Shrek 5 will be, as long as the filmmakers are not ready to say goodbye to their heroes.


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