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Seven Deadly Sins Season 3


Nakaba Suzuki started creating his award-winning spin of manga stories back in 2012. The same year he decided to start serializing his anime series in Weekly Shonen Magazine. The stories had a success with writers as well as publishers. For this reason, the first season was available in English as well. Hundreds of exciting stories have been released form that time despite the author’s serious health problems.

The series became internationally recognized featuring two amazing seasons. The second season has not even close to the finale while all fans are waiting with anticipation for the Seven Deadly Sins Season 3 release date to be announced. Some news about the Seven Deadly Sins Season 3 premiere was unleashed. According to those rumors, the premiere will take place this year in Japan. Some say the release date is going to be on August 29. Well, it does not seem like to be true. Fans should be prepared to wait for another year.

All You Need to Know About Seven Deadly Sins Season 3 Premiere

The new movie will be based on the original plot idea created by the author. The new season will take you to the times when the war between the Seven Days Sins and Hendrickson is over. The Sins will have to get to the desolate island in search of a secret ingredient for the King’s birthday. On that island, they come across a sacred place also known as the Sky Palace. A group of winged people lives there.

At the same time, other crucial events take place. A monster awakes after 3000 years and threatens to demolish the kingdom. People are forced to defend themselves. Moreover, a prehistoric beat is not the only one to put people’s lives at risk. They will also have to fight back the Demon Clan.

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Seven Deadly Sins Season 3 release date

When Will Seven Deadly Sins Season 3 be Released?

If you are on the list of fans who wait for the official announcement of Seven Deadly Sins Season 3 release date, you should find some patience. Despite all rumors, the new season is very unlikely to be released this year. The reason is not about the lack of new content. It seems like manga publishers have enough material to release season after season ahead. In other words, the publishing studio might have some other reasons to postpone the Seven Deadly Sins Season 3 release date.

On the other hand, fans should have no worries. The first and second season finales made it clear we should expect for some more action from the main characters. For instance, OVA episodes contained a hint on a new character that was not present in the previous manga series. Moreover, it is believed to be a brand new character that does not refer to the original writing.

Seven Deadly Sins Season 3 Plot and Characters

A group of knights also known as Seven Deadly Sins once disappeared. People considered them as dead after their defeat in the battle against Holy Knights who overthrew the Kingdom and took the reign after capturing the king. However, some people still had hopes that the Seven Deadly Sins knights were still alive. For this reason, Princess Elizabeth (the main character) sets for a risky trip to find the knights and put the tyranny of Holy Knights to an end. She manages to bring them back to the kingdom and set the king free.

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The series became extremely popular on the international arena. They are available as anime and manga series in addition to a full movie, video game, etc. You can find two previous seasons in different media sources, while the Seven Deadly Sins Season 3 premiere will be unleashed on Netflix as usually. We will keep an eye on the official updates to let you know about the release date.

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