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RockNrolla 2 release date


In 2008, the director Guy Ritchie, known to the audience for the films “Maps, Money, Two Barrels”, “Revolver”, shot the film “RockNrolla.” This is a criminal comedy, in Guy Ritchie’s plans was to shoot the trilogy, if the viewer liked the first film. The director even said that he has a script ready for the movie RockNrolla 2, but due to problems with funding the shooting was never started.

The plot of the movie

The actions of RockNrolla are in London. Russian entrepreneur Jura Omovic is going to build a new stadium, to help him get a building permit, he turns to the criminal authority of Lenny Cole. Omovic promises the bandit a worthy reward of seven million dollars, as well as a picture that brings good luck.

During the transfer of money and the transportation of the reward, local bandits attack the car, deciding to make quick money. Small bandits: Mumbled, One-Two and Pretty Bob, who stole money and a picture, do not understand what big trouble they got. They already owed $ 2 million to Lenny, and then they decided to repay the debt using the money that he had stolen.

Cole after the robbery comes to an indescribable rage, he orders Archie’s assistant to find those who led away millions from under his nose. Cole’s assistant finds a snitch who gives the gang. The stolen picture is in the rock star Johnny Pound, the adopted son of Lenny, staged his death. What caused all the showdowns among the bandits, who got the picture and money, you can find out by watching the film to the end.

RockNrolla 2 premiere

Interesting facts about the movie

The main roles were performed by famous actors. In the role of Johnny – Toby Kebbell, also starred in the films “Apprentice sorcerer”, “Anger of the Titans” and others. Mark Strong performed the role of Archie. The role of Lenny Cole went to Tom Wilkinson. Actors who played the role of small bandits: Tom Hardy, Gerard Butler, Idris Elba.

Guy Ritchie always had the ability to discover talent. Tom Hardy was unknown to anyone, he did not act in film, the rock star of the film became his premier. And after this film he was invited to major projects: “The Dark Knight”, “Mad Max”.

The film did not make a splash, showing insufficient ratings, and box office amounted to only 25.7 million dollars, the film budget was 18 million dollars.

Will the RockNrolla be released 2?

Guy Ritchie is a very popular director. He is constantly engaged in major projects of the Western film industry. Recently, Guy was engaged in shooting “Sherlock Holmes” and because of this, he does not have time for other projects. And the difficulties with financing make themselves felt. Therefore, the release date of the second, real Rock-n-roller is still not announced.


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