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Ratatouille 2 release date


In 2006 was held the premiere of the full-length animated film “Ratatouille” . The idea of ​​its creation belongs to the Czech script writer Jan Pinkaw. But, the cartoon was born only under the direction of the director-animator Brad Byrd. Work on the cartoon was a long one, its creators even traveled to Paris to experience its atmosphere. And, it was worth it, the audience received the movie very well, with a budget of 150 million dollars, rental fees amounted to more than 620 million. Despite the fact that more than ten years have passed, many hope for a continuation and await Ratatouille 2.

Short description of the plot

It is not known whether the continuation of the animated film will come out, but let us recall what was in the first one. The plot of the cartoon carries the audience to Paris. There, the case goes around the main character – the rat Remi. He has an extraordinary sense of taste and a subtle sense of smell. He dreams of becoming a real chef, inspired by the television program about the best chef Auguste Gustaut. The chef died, and the restaurant passed into the hands of the Italian Skinner.

Remy meets his son Gusto Alfredo Linguini, and helps him prepare various culinary masterpieces. Together they manage to return the restaurant Linguini, but because of the invasion of too many Reni’s relatives, again to lose. Many adventures await the small Reni, he is given the nickname Ratatouille, for his crown dish, which delighted even the most fastidious restaurant critic Antoine Ego. Despite the wiles of Gifoder, misunderstanding and other difficulties of life, Remy manages to become a chef in a real restaurant.

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Movie information

  • Animators, in order to learn how to prepare meals, worked in the restaurant “French laundry”, together with chef Thomas Keller.
  • They photographed various fruits, vegetables at the stage of rotting, in order to create in their film a realistic kind of trash heap.
  • To create the character-rats, the creators had to observe the real rodents, studying their habits.
  • The cartoon was duplicated in different languages, it was shown in the USA, Great Britain, Western Europe, Canada, USA.
  • Critics’ reviews were in most cases positive. They noted impeccable animation and sparkling humor.
  • Ratatouille 2 premiere
  • “Ratatouille” participated in five nominations for “Oscar”. Was recognized as the best animated film of 2007. Became the winner in several nominations.
  • Based on the cartoon, an animated video game was created and released.
  • To make the characters of the cartoon look as realistic as possible, the creators spent a lot of time on their drawing. So, Remy has drawn more than a million hairs, while Colette has 115,000.
  • The film shows a shop with dead rats in a shop window, it is real. Founders visited it in Paris, it is located at 8, rue des Halles, opened in the 19th century.
  • In the soundtrack of the film for the show in Russia took part Julia Vysotskaya and Dmitry Nazarov (voices of Gusto and Colette). Actors are not far from the culinary world. Yulia has a small restaurant in Moscow, she is the host of the culinary transfer, and Dmitry leads the culinary transfer, and performs the main role of the chef in the TV series “Kitchen”.
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Will be Ratatouille 2 released?

The creators of the film never talked about the continuation of the story of the little chef Ratatouille. Will Ratatouille 2 be released, the release date, which was not announced, remains a mystery.


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