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Orville season 2


The hilarious Star Track parody is back! All fans will see the Orville season 2 premiere in December 2019 according to the official information. We do not know the exact Orville season 2 release date but we do know it will deliver plenty of surprises out of the box.

There is quite a little information about the plot of the new series. On the other hand, we still have some info to share regarding the cast and some insights from behind the scene. The award-winning sci-fi series about Seth MacFarlane’s hero is to hit the big screen in the nearest future! Stay tuned to learn more about Orville season 2 release date and premiere.

When Will Orville season 2 be Released?

The series appeared to be Fox most-watched debut during the last year featuring millions of views across the globe. There is no need to be an expert in order to predict that the project has an enormous potential. For this reason, Fox decided to bear fruit at once. The company’s representatives have officially announced Orville season 2 release date. The new set of episodes will hit the headlines on December 30, 2019.

It means we have a bit more than two months to get ready for the premiere. That is going to be a new page of the story about the spaceship that explores the space 400 in the future. Once again, the US-based fans will have a chance to see all new episodes earlier than British spectators and fans from other countries.

Orville season 2 release date

The Orville Series Plot

The series is a parody of the legendary Star Track TV franchise with millions of fans around the world. Once again, we have a spaceship called Orville and its captain Ed Mercer with his team exploring the space and completing various missions. Captain Ed Mercer is the main character of the series. He finds his wife cheating with a blue-skinned alien and decides to get away from the rat race as the captain of the spaceship.

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Imagine his reprise to find his ex-wife as the first mate on the same craft. However, she appears to be rather helpful especially in tough situations always ready to lend a hand. Together they travel across the endless cosmos visiting space stations and completing other tasks.

What to Expect from Orville season 2 Plot?

We do not know some exact issues about the new plot. However, we can use some hints and try to predict the new story. According to some rumors, MacFarlane is eager to add more elements related to science fiction. The mission here is to make the series look more like an old-school Star Track.

On the one hand, it might work out and drive a wider audience to the series. On the other hand, dedicated Star Track fans might feel a bit offended unless they will receive a worthy substitution.

Orville season 2 Characters

As some details of the first two episodes have already been released, we are happy to meet Captain Ed Mercer – the fearless commander of the spaceship. After catching his wife in bed with an alien, he gives up his heavy cruise ship and becomes the commander of the mid-level exploratory spacecraft called Orville.

The first office and first mate Kelly Grayson is the ex-wife of our captain. Both decide to put all their struggles aside and work together for the sake of their space mission. Other characters include Isaac representing artificial non-biological race, Lieutenant Commander Bortus and many others.

We might expect some new characters as well. The rumors say that new actors may appear on the screen as well. All those facts prove that Orville season 2 will it the big screen by the deadline, which is December 30, 2019. Seems like a good Christmas present, doesn’t it?


Orville season 2 Eposodes

Orville season 2 Trailer HD

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