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Noragami season 3: The main intrigue of 2018


Fans of Japanese anime are eagerly awaited when will be the sequel of the manga Noragami be released. 3rd season promises to be saturated with the further adventures of Yato and his companions, and the new storylines will be added. What will the main character be ready to do to achieve the cherished goal – a place in the divine pantheon and the worship of millions of people? How will the complex relationship between the wandering God and his associates develop? To answer, you should watch the online anime Noragami from beginning to end.


Noragami is the brainchild of talented director Tamura Kotaro, which is closely intertwined with modern urban landscapes, high technologies and mystical phenomena. In the first season we get acquainted with the main character of Yato, not too popular God, who does not have his own temple. Wanting to become powerful, Yato is not ashamed to fulfill even the most absurd desires of mortals for a symbolic fee of 5 yen for building his own “home” where people could worship him.

Fulfilling one of these desires, Yato ran across the road in front of a moving bus. At that moment, 15-year-old Hiyori Iki, a schoolgirl who risked her life to save a stranger, saw him. Pushing Yato, she was a hair’s breadth from death. Waking up after the incident, the brave Hiyori discovers a new ability – she became ayakashi, her soul began to leave the body from time to time. The girl, however, does not like such incidents, since she can faint at any moment. She asks Yato to fulfill her request – to remove this curse in order to be able to live normally. But the situation is not so simple, and God, taking a proper payment, is not in a hurry to release Hiyori from mystical fetters.

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Noragami season 3 release date

Struggle against dark forces and aggressive spirits is impossible without sinka – a special “living” weapon. The last of the Yato fights left the homeless God, leaving him without protection. But Iago was lucky, when during the next fight with evil he met a pure soul, once belonged to the teenage boy Yukine. So God received a weapon and a headache in the form of a foolish character called Sinchi.

During the first season there are many unexpected events, our heroes meet with other deities and fight not only with ayakashi, but also with their shortcomings. See the full version of the series “Noragami”, “Boruto: a new generation Naruto” and other anime in good quality you can on the jute point su and other resources. Here you can discuss the novelties of the anime industry, including a look at the assumptions about what will happen in season 3 of the Noragami

Noragami season 3 premiere

The release date of the Noragami 3 season

Among the other anime series Noragami stands out a qualitative drawing of the main characters, in whose face you can predict the mood, see the craftiness or internal doubts of the characters. In the first season, we all waited for the development of relations between Hiyori and Yato, but love between them did not arise. But God found in the face of a fragile-looking girly friend. I wonder if the third season will please the appearance of a love story line? To satisfy curiosity, you will have to wait until the season 3 of anime Noragami.

Confrontation of Yato with the powerful and evil Goddess Bisyamon in the second season ended on an intriguing note. How will Yato manifest his divine abilities in the future and will he be able to prevail over evil? After watching the trailer for the 3rd season of the Noragami in Russian, it becomes obvious that the battle will be hot!

The first part of the manga came out in 2014, the second season we were pleased at the end of 2015. The initial release date of the 3rd season of Noragami was scheduled for October 2017, then the creators promised a meeting with their beloved heroes in January 2018. However, long term, supposedly, the anime Noragami 3 season will be released in the spring, 1 series we promise to show March 19, 2018 And while waiting for the continuation of the exciting story and do not forget that you can not only watch the series, but also read the manga!


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