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No Game No Life Season 2


Lots of fans of anime loved the animated feature movie No Game No Life. This Japanese cartoon became so popular that after the end of the first season, the release date of No Game No Life season 2 was immediately scheduled.


The storyline of the animated movie tells us about 2 gamers – Sora and Shiro. These fans of virtual games are siblings. The brother has just turned 18, while the sister is only 11 years old, but they get along very well and play computer games together. Teenagers do not notice the world around them and spend almost all of their time in virtual reality. They have no friends, and they don’t care about school and having fun. The computer is everything for them. Nobody can beat them in online games. Despite her young age, Shiro is the same good as his older brother, who is an experienced gamer.

Once, Sora and Shiro had a chess match with the gamer who was the same strong as they are. Later, they learned that the mysterious rival under the username “God” was a girl, the goddess of the gaming world. The barely won, but after all were invited to the virtual world.

In the parallel universe there’re no wars and politics in the way we know them. All government matters and disputes are resolved in online games. The alternative world is inhabitted by many races, people live only in one city and are on the brink of survival. Sora and Shiro have to be the ones to save the mankind since they have a great gaming experience and quickly adapt to the realities of the parallel universe.

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What will be No Game No Life season 2 about?

The open final of the first part of the animated movie made it clear that there will be a sequel. First season consisted of 12 episodes and did not give an outcome to the story – the story ended in the most interesting place. So far the cartoon consists of several parts:
• the first part;
• full-length movie;
• the second part.

In the second season, the audience will again meet with the well-known heroes, who ended up in the parallel universe. Sora and Shiro will meet new friends who will help them overcome the challenges of the gaming world. But, they will also meet more powerful enemies. The forthcoming season of this anime show will be a continuation of the full-length film, released in 2017 and the prequel of the second part.

Siblings Sora and Shiro have to fight with even stronger rivals – the greatest online gamers of the alternative world. Their main rival is the ruler of the parallel universe. Their fight will be the longest and most spectacular battle ever known, but the heroes of the animated movie are able to cope with any opponent.

No Game No Life season 2: Trailer

The official trailer for the continuation of the animated movie will be released very soon. And, in a meantime, fans can watch fantasy cartoon trailers telling what will happen in season 2 through various unofficial resources,.

No Game No Life season 2: release date

As announce by the director of this anime show Isisuka Atsuk, the first episode of the next part will be released on April 2, 2018. The second season will consist of 10 series. Each new one will be shown once a week from early April till mid-June. The season will end with the final episode on June 11, 2018.

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No Game No Life season 2: new episodes

Episode Title Release date
2×01 Episode 1 2 April 2018
2×02 Episode 2 9 April 2018
2×03 Episode 3 16 April 2018
2×04 Episode 4 23 April 2018
2×05 Episode 5 30 April 2018
2×06 Episode 6 7 May 2018
2×07 Episode 7 14 May 2018
2×08 Episode 8 21 May 2018
2×08 Episode 8 28 May 2018
2×09 Episode 9 4 June 2018
2×10 Episode 10 11 June 2018
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