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Nisekoi Season 3


Written by Naoshi Komi, Nisekoi is a great anime series that had a huge success. The story about a boy who gets involved in yakuza clans and finds himself between two gangs boasts tow award-winning seasons. The series was initially launched in 2011. The second season was released 5 years later. It is high time we saw the continuation of the story that has turned into an amazing blend of drama and comedy. Let’s find out when the Nisekoi Season 3 premiere will take place.

When Will Nisekoi Season 3 be Released?

The story was initially published in 2011 and featured two full volumes. Later they were animated and turned into TV series with 24 episodes in each season. The anime version of the story was released by Aniplex in both Asia and America. Despite a huge success of the first season, Nisekoi Season 2 did not get much game and appeared to be a frustration for the series fans. However, producers and writers will try to do their best and to come up with the Nisekoi Season 3 release date to bring the audience back with another thrilling season.

Considering some negative reviews, we may doubt to have the continuation of the sequel. However, this anime series still has an army of devoted followers who wait with anticipation for Nisekoi Season 3 premiere. We will try to shed some light on the situation with the animated story about Raku Ichijo who is the son of the yakuza leader but still tries to live a normal civil life.

Nisekoi Season 3 release date

What Will Nisekoi Season 3 be about?

We should not expect many surprises from the new anime season. Moreover, we hope to see the continuation of the story launched in 2011. It delivers a brand new romantic concept out of the box. It comes as a combination of dramatic and hilarious moment where youngsters try to make it out in the world of gangs and yakuza. The name of the series is translated from Japanese like False Love. It depicts the main idea of the initial story where main characters are forced to step into fake relations.

The main characters include Raku Ichijo. He is the son of Yakuza leader. However, he tries to steer clear of gang life. He wants to be an ordinary citizen. He falls for his classmate Kosaki Onodera being unable to express his true feelings. Hailing from the United States, Chitoge Kirisaki is the daughter of another gang clan. She hates Raku who calls her a gorilla woman. Kosaki Onodera is the girl so much loved by the main character. However, she does not feel the same towards Raku.

The story tells us about youngsters relations. The main characters are put in a tight corner by special circumstances. When the second season was released. Most fans thought it lacked unpredictable moments. The plot appeared to be rather straightforward. For this reason, it did not have much success if compared to the first season. We do hope that Nisekoi Season 3 premiere will change the things to better in references to this particular anime.

What Is Known about the Nisekoi Season 3 Release Date?

Producers are keeping silence. We do not know whether we should expect for the Nisekoi Season 3 premiere in the nearest future unless writers offer a new concept for the story. Released in 2016, the second season featured 12 episodes. It looks more than enough considering an obvious lack of action and some unpredictable moments.

On the other hand, the first season contained 20 episodes. Each episode was thrilling and interesting to watch. We do hope producers will use that pause for the sake of the manga. Otherwise, there is no sense in launching Nisekoi Season 3 premiere.

Nisekoi Season 3 Trailer HD




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