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National Treasure 3


The first two movies of National Treasure officially had a mixed review but on the ground, both the movies had a very positive feedback from the people. The reason for this feedback was that these movies were a mixture of adventure and action with the real history of the world and historical items such as the declaration of independence and many more. National Treasure 3 is a movie for which the fans have been waiting for a really long time now. Because the second movie ended with a very big and clear hint that there is a third movie coming up.


After the success of the first two movies and the second movie ending with a clear hint towards the third movie, it was clear that third of the series will be hitting the screens. National Treasure 3 Release Date is still to be announced and the movie’s lead star, Nicolas Cage has affirmed that the teams are currently working on the third movie. The movie no doubt is a very difficult film to make because it will require a lot of research. And then combining the history with the script and screenplay, well, yes it is going to be a very tough job to do. But taking more than 5 years for a single movie, well that is something not acceptable for many fans.


Looking at the complexity and the incidents put in the first two movies and the way they were depicted and connected to the film, we can at least understand one thing that the filmmakers wanted to make the third movie an epic one. But either they got late or lazy or stuck up in something. When Nicolas Cage says that the teams are working on the script but it is not that easy to compile, then we can make certain assumptions that National Treasure 3 Premiere is going to be somewhere in 2019 or 2020 because Nicolas did not even mention the vague amount of years needed for completion of the movie. But if he has confirmed, then we guess the fans should wait and keep their fingers crossed. Either the movie will continue its uniqueness and come up with an awesome script and story for the third film or it will be a bust and overloaded with everything to a limit that it will start to bore out the audience. Though the CGI department has improved many folds, it is possible that National Treasure 3 will have this department involved in a spectacular way as well. But one thing is sure, we just need to keep waiting until a final release date is hinted or announced by the team for the movie to come out.

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  1. Finally! A release date! But it’s kinda far hmm. Oh well, the producers would come up with something great though. Looking forward to that.

  2. Oh gosh! I’ve waited for a long time for this already. I wish it would come sooner because I have thought up a lot of scenes already and I can’t wait to put out of my pathetic imagination.

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