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Nanbaka Season 3


The manga story about four imprisoned friends has made a name for itself back in 2016. The anime series is presented in a comedy genre featuring numerous hilarious scenes. The pilot Nanbaka seasons contained 25 overwhelming episodes ended up in 2017. The story depicts 4 good friends who are put behind the bars.

However, even severe prison walls can hardly be a stumbling block for the squad to find entertainments and wind down. They are always craving for new adventures and exciting activities while being sentenced to the most dreadful prison in Japan.

When Will Nanbaka Season 3 be Released?

A good sense of humor, great animations, interesting plot and capturing characters – those are the main features that ensured the anime series success. For this reason, thousands of fans around the world are waiting for the official Nanbaka Season 3 release date. We have some bad news for you. There is no information from producers regarding the exact date of Nanbaka Season 3 premiere. But we do know that Satellite studio is planning the release of the new season in the nearest future directed by Shinji Takamatsu.

We have thoroughly examined some of the top Japanese anime forums and can say for sure that Nanbaka Season 3 will take place although the detector and creator of the series still keep silences regarding the release date. According to the rumors, the new steam of stories s about four friends behind the bars will hit the headlines in October 2018. We also know that the new season will consist of at least 12 new episodes.

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Nanbaka Season 3 release date

Nanbaka Season 3 Storyline

Here we have four main characters. They always find themselves behind the bars and manage to escape all the time. For this reason, they get a life sentence in the most severe prison in Japan with no chance to escape. The main heroes understand they have backs against the wall. They have nothing to do but to find different entertainments in their unique and hilarious way.

All characters have special features and skills that help them to escape almost from any prison, but not this time. They find themselves in the Nanba prison known for its modern security means and advanced technologies. A huge wall separates the prison and the rest of the world. Each prisoner has an individual number instead of the real name. However, we all know the real names of our favorite characters.

Nanbaka Season 3 Characters

The new season will bring new exciting adventures of our favorite characters. Once again, we will meet:

  • Juugo – personal number 15. He desperately tries to remove shackles from his body. Juugo has one special feature. It is the ability to transform his hands into sharp blades. This feature makes it easy for the character to escape from any prison several times a day. Moreover, Juugo has a special obsession. He can’t live without escaping from prisons. The process is his real passion.
  • Uno – personal number 11. He is an Englishman who loves playing poker. Uno is specialized in different types of frauds.
  • Rock – personal number 69. Hailing from the United States, Rock acts like a typical American. He likes eating donuts and hardly misses a chance to kick someone’s ass.
  • Nico – personal number 25. Another American who cannot imagine his life without anime video games.
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The squad of prison breakers is expected to bring some more hilarious adventures in season Nanbaka 3. We will look for the latest updates and news from the Satellite studio to keep the fans informed.

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