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Mission Impossible 7


20 years have passed since the release of the first ever movie about a secret agent struggling to save the world. The Mission Impossible franchise appeared to be a huge success in introducing a brand new concept of spy films. Tom Cruise became the face of the franchise that contains already 6 award-winning films.

All fans are eager to know if they should expect Mission Impossible 7 premiere. What is Mission Impossible 7 release date? What to expect from the new movie? What characters will we meet? Those are the questions we will try to answer this time. So, fasten your seatbelts. Cruise still got it!

When Will Mission Impossible 7 be Released?

No secrets here. Producers have officially announced the Mission Impossible 7 release date. They say the new moving about a secret agent will make its debut in 2020. However, there are some serious doubts if producers will meet the deadline. We should consider some unpredictable situations during the shooting process.

Moreover, Cruise is 56! Although he still has some skills, he is not 30 or even 40. There were some rumors about Cruise breaking his ankle while performing one of the stunts for the new movie. Summing up, we can hardly expect Mission Impossible 7 premiere earlier than in 2021. Let’s hope for the better and with Tom all the best.

Mission Impossible 7 release date

What Is Mission Impossible 7 about?

The entire franchise about the CIA agent Ethan Hunt boasts its unique style. Some may say there is nothing exclusive in the story about a secret agent who uses plenty of gadgets and advanced weaponry to save the world. However, Mission Impossible is the movie product with its own sense of humor, acting staff and other features that make the franchise stand out from other movies alike.

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As for the new chapter, we will meet some of our favorite characters as well as the main hero Ethan Hunt. The CIA agent will have to take the challenge from August Walker. That is not all! Are you ready for a surprise? The director will bring Solomon Lane back. The Rouge Nation villain will but heads with Tom Cruise in a new chapter.

Mission Impossible 7 Release Date: Behind the Scene

Will we see Tom Cruise in a new movie? Of course, we will. One can hardly imagine the franchise continuation without its main character. However, Mission Impossible 7 looks like the final chapter. Cruise is 56 and not even 40! It means that the actor will be forced to slow down in the nearest future. On the other hand, we are certainly ready for one more film about the CIA agent.

Mission Impossible appears to be a great challenge for all actors including Cruise. He was heard to break his ankle while performing a stunt during shooting. The injury appeared to be pretty serious. It resulted in shooting delay for a couple of months. It will certainly lead to the Mission Impossible 7 premiere delay as well.

As for other characters from previous movies, we will meet some of our favorite heroes. While Tom Cruise is certainly a vital element for the entire franchise, he will be accompanied by old good friends including Ilsa, Benji, and Luther. Some of you may be surprised by Ilsa’ unexpected comeback. However, she became rather popular. This is why producers decided to bring her back. She has enough skills and eagerness to dive deep into the spy world although final chapter made it clear she was looking for life in tranquility. Bot for long. From this point of view. Julia’s presence looks more logical. Solomon Lane is certainly the character we would appreciate. He will add some thrill to the entire story about the CIA secret agent. Waiting with anticipation for Mission Impossible: Fallout release date!

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