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Miraculous Lady Bug and Super Cat Season 3 Release Date


Lady Bug and Super Cat Season 3 is a long-awaited cartoon that has millions of fans. The release date and story line have already been revealed.
At last, we have news regarding the release date of Lady Bug and Super Cat Season 3 premiere (produced in France). There is also a prediction made for the third part. Will we really discover the continuation of your favorite cartoon? What will the second and third parts be about, and what is the planned release date for the continuation?

Story Line

The premiere of Lady Bug (anime version) aired in December 2015. After watching the last series, fans began asking about whether there would be a continuation. The creators of the animated film were not in a hurry to reveal when the second season would be released.

The fascinating story tells us about the lives of typical Parisian schoolchildren Marinett and Adrian, who became superheroes. Each series reveals all the new adventures of the superheroes: Miraculous Lady Bug and Super-Cat Noir, who appears to be her complete opposite. They are the exact Yin and Yang from Chinese mythology – two parts of a whole. The girl always thinks with her head, and is extremely kind, while Cat Noir – takes by force, but always regards his partner’s opinion.

When will Lady Bug and Super Cat Season 3 start? When will Lady Bug and Super Cat Season 3 come back on?

The story line touched the hearts of millions of fans who fell in love with Lady Bug and Super Cat from the start and are now impatiently waiting for the release date of the next series. All the episodes gathered an incredible number of viewers, with no exceptions. It was immediately understood that the French would not be satisfied with one special issue. The developers are well aware that their creation is a success, but despite this, they are not in a hurry regarding the release of the continuation, constantly pushing back the release date of the new series.

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About the Creators of the Cartoon

The animated series was created through the joint efforts of Korea and France. Aside from the original Russian title, the final product is known as: Miraculous: Tales of Lady Bug & Cat Noir. It is easy to guess who the characters are based on their names and costumes. Actually, the name of the main hero is translated as Black Cat, however this doesn’t sound very heroic.
The main creator of the project is Thomas Astruc – the writer of this incredible story about Lady Bug and Cat Noir, modern day superheroes. The series was based on the story of Lady Bug and Super Cat, published in print (translated from French).

What makes the cartoon so special?

The first season of Miraculous Lady Bug and Cat Noir ended at the most interesting moment. A girl named Marinett finally learned about the existence of the guardian who gave them superpowers. Viewers were shown how the main characters got their unique powers which made them super strong, and how they immediately started defending the French capital from evil powers.
Despite her uniqueness, Marinett was in love with an ordinary boy, Adrian, who did not reciprocate her feelings, because he couldn’t even guess that she was the Lady Bug, without whom he could not live. The story is so interesting that the series was watched not only by kids and teens, but adults as well!

At the end of the first part, the main heroes remain together, however despite this, the story is not finished. Despite their strong efforts in the fight against evil, they have not been able to defeat the main villain, who remains at large. The Parisian superheroes still have much to learn about their own abilities.

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What to expect from the new season?

In the second season, new adventures await the main heroes, Lady Bug and Cat Noir. They will have to uncover the villains’ evil plans.

A summary of the content of the new series – 26 episodes:

  • Appearance of Paona – the leader of the villain of the first part, Brazhnik.
  • The heroes discover new superpowers
  • Further progress of the relationship between Cat Noir and Miraculous Lady Bug
  • The meeting of Marinett and Adrian, which will end with an incredible turn of events.

Immediately after the second season, the third season of Lady Bug and Cat Noir will be released. The new part will have a captivating storyline which will surprise even devoted fans. There will also be an extra bonus awaiting fans – two special issue releases – “Special Halloween” and “Chinese Legends.” Each special issue animation will be 40 minutes long.

Interesting Facts

Critics are puzzled as to why a story like this was able to become so popular. It is quite difficult to characterize what is happening on the screen in one word. The plot does not appear to be particularly funny, and it is not the type of animated film that would normally appeal to adults. Despite this, the superhero theme has started to enjoy immense popularity among both young children and adults alike. Of course, there are some moments that are so silly that even pre-school children are amused, but there are more serious episodes as well.

The creators have confirmed that Lady Bug and Super Cat Seasons 1, 2 and 3 are more for teenagers than for pre-school children, but the cartoon has so much kindness, that it can be a good lesson. All the characters are written so perfectly, that many screenwriters may actually feel jealous. At first glance, it may seem that it is a trivial story, but this is far from being the case, as every episode is thought out to the last detail.

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When will Lady Bug and Super Cat be released?

The second season of the animated film about Lady Bug will be released in early 2018. There is very little time left to wait until the release of the long-awaited continuation. Lady Bug and Cat Noir will once again begin their fight against intruders who want to enslave all the inhabitants of Paris. In the third part, the main heroes will fight against the predatory Moli, who turns ordinary people into cold and evil villains who destroy the city. At the end of this part, they will not only learn each other’s secrets, but will also defeat evil once and for all.
How many parts in total are they planning to make? There may be up to 10 seasons of similar adventures! It will all depend on the popularity of the animated series Lady Bug and Super Cat. Will Marinett still be crazy about her classmate, who is just a terrific friend and superhero? In March 2018, work will begin on the continuation of this animated series.

Miraculous Lady Bug and Super Cat Season 3 Release Date

Episode/th> Release date
3×01 Episode 1 11 march 2018
3×02 Episode 2 18 march 2018
3×03 Episode 3 25 march 2018
3×04 Episode 4 1 april 2018
3×05 Episode 5 8 april 2018
3×06 Episode 6 14 april 2018
3×07 Episode 7 21 april 2018
3×08 Episode 8 28 april 2018
3×09 Episode 9 5 may 2019
3×10 Episode 10 12 may 2019

Miraculous Lady Bug Trailer

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  1. Honestly, I’m one of the millions of fans who fell in love with the movie and is patiently waiting for new series. I loved the movie at first site and I’ve watched it a lot of times that I can now say some of the lines by heart. It sure is amazing.

  2. I saw this movie for the first time on my daughter’s screen and I decided to take a peek but ended up watching the whole thing with her. It was an awesome movie and my daughter and I can’t wait to see the next series.

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