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Lucifer Season 4


Everyone’s favorite devil, Lucifer Morningstar who has stayed on the screen for quite a while is in a bit of a dilemma nowadays for a renewal. Fox is said to be thinking into either to renew the season or not. The season is actually about the internal family affairs of the heavenly characters such as God himself (though he never comes on screen. Well, not until now) and his son Lucifer. Lucifer comes to earth and finds a detective who seems to be indifferent to his charms.

Currently, the series is going through its 3rd season and the fans are quite happy. But amazingly the ratings are not promising enough. This is raising a few eyebrows regarding the Lucifer Season 4 Premiere and Lucifer Season 4 Release Date.

Lucifer Season 4 Release Date

As for the release date for Lucifer Season 4, it is yet to be confirmed. Even if it is under consideration or the series will stop where it is, is yet to be announced. As of 5th March 2018, there is no official news of canceling of Lucifer Season 4 but the ratings are not promising enough.

Lucifer Season 4 premier

Lucifer Season 4 Premiere

The premiere for Lucifer Season 4 will completely depend on where the season 3 is going to end. Right now, Lucifer is facing another heavenly cursed character, Cabe, who apparently cannot die. He killed his brother and as a punishment for being the first murder in the human history, God cursed him to love forever and not be able to die at all. Will the Lucifer Season 4 Premiere bring up something related to Cabe or will it take the story to a completely new dimension and new characters? Well, let’s wait till the new season is announced and premiered.


Lucifer Season 4 Cast

The season is actually circling around the story of The Lord Of Hell, Lucifer who is sent to earth and he is getting used to living here. But then God sends his brother, Amenadiel who is played by D.B Woodside to retrieve Lucifer (brilliantly played by the British accented Tom Ellis). Tom in the meanwhile is unknowingly in an emotional attachment bond with Chloe Decker. Lauren German plays the role in the best possible way and portrays a divorced police detective who works with her ex-husband Dan. The character of Dan is played by the macho Kevin Alejandro and he plays the role of a simple and light-headed detective who sometimes gets fooled around for his simplicity but always manages to come around for his friends and his daughter with Chloe. The daughter’s role is played by Scarlett Estevez under the name of Trixie.

But unless the Lucifer Season 4 Release Date is not announced we cannot be sure about whether these characters are still going to be in the Lucifer Season 4 or not.

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  1. Awww.u totally loved the Cabe story. So lovely. The curse doesn’t seem to me like a curse. I think it’s something sweeter cause it has to do with love. So romantic!

  2. I can’t wait for the season 4 of Lucifer. I’ve missed my favorite characters and I want to see what new stuff they have to show on screen!!

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