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Life 2 movie release date


After the release of the space thriller Life, the expected box office was much smaller than the filmmakers hoped. At the same time, there was a very intriguing “open” ending, suggesting the release of the continuation – Life 2. Right now, nobody announces the exact date when the shooting will start, as well as noone knows about the cast.

What was the first part about?

The plot of the first part was remembered not so much by impressive special effects, as by a tragic denouement. The crew of cosmonauts working on the international space station (ISS) received a capsule “Pilgrim” with samples of the planet Mars. They reveal a living cell, which quickly grows into a complex organism.

The astronauts and the team from Earth was really excited about this discovery, because it meant a new round of space exploration and confirmation of new theories. After a malfunction in the life support system of an incubator, the cosmic organism, called “Kevin”, does not show signs of life. This forces one of the scientists to resort to stimulation with an electric discharge, after which the alien begins an extremely hostile attack on the people nearby. After a short chase and resistance of the team, the alien still wins and almost completely destroys the long-suffering ISS.

life 2 premiere

The ending of the film is very tragic: the surviving two crew members take all possible measures to save the Earth and destroy the alien creature. According to the idea, the escape should be a rescue capsule, in which the main characters are placed. At the last moment everything goes out of control and the capsules scatter in different directions. One safely landed in the ocean, where it is caught by fishermen, the second is poisoned into open space.

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What to expect in the continuation

The place of action is transferred from the space station, completely destroyed in the denouement of the first part, to the planet Earth. It was here that the saving capsule with the main character and the alien Kevin went. Who will resist the monster on Earth is unclear, because the last cast is almost entirely “eaten” by the Martian.

life 2 release date

There are still few questions which remain unanswered:

  • The fate of the protagonist Miranda (played by Rebecca Ferguson), a capsule with which by mistake went into the open space. Perhaps you can safely forget about it, but the option with “accidental” salvation is not excluded.
  • Will the protagonist survive, by chance, locked up with the space monster in one capsule. At the end of the film, we see that he is still alive, warns the fishermen who open the capsule, and therefore realizes the danger of alien invasion of the planet.
  • How will the cosmic threat behave in the “face” of Kevin, hitting the Earth. According to one version, he will be able to enslave the body and the consciousness of the main character (for good reason he is shown alive at the end of the film). This phenomenon has already been defined by “Venom” and is successfully used in the style of space fantasy.

By the way, the work on the continuation of the science fiction picture will be led by the famous Hollywood director Rhett Rees, who already has several masterpieces (Zombiland, Deadpool). And, it will also remain directed by Daniel Espinosa (the creator of the first part), but the cast has not been approved yet. The fact is that under the previous scenario all the crew members die, only two main characters survive, those who keep fighting the monster. The denouement suggests continuation, because the struggle with the alien is not over.

The official trailer has not appeared yet, so we offer a video about the first part. As for the movie “Life 2”, we can only keep waiting for it to be released in good quality HD.

Live 2 – the expected film, the output of which is still not exactly confirmed. If the filmmakers agree, the date of the anticipated release into the rental will not be earlier than 2020, especially since the shooting date wasn’t even released yet. It will take yet not a short time to learn about what one of the most anticipated fantastic films will tell and the confrontation between the newcomer and the protagonist.

Trailer HD

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