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Legend Of The Guardians 2


This time, Zack Snyder, known to the audience from such films as 300 Spartans, Watchmen, Dawn of the Dead, makes a win-win bet on animation. Heroes of books by Catherine Lusky come to life on the big screens. Especially effective viewing on 3D screens, IMAX cinemas. The director takes us to the magical realm of owls. Expected release of Legend of the guardians 2 says a lot about the popularity of the film not only among the children’s audience.

A little bit about the idea and the story line

The cartoon narrates about good and evil, which again converge in battle. Good and evil are the summit and lowland of the kingdom of Tyto, inhabited by good owls and owl-destroyers. Once, having been captured by the destroyers, two blood brother-suckers, Kludd and Soren, also choose two different ways of life. Soren – the youngest, brought up on the legends of valiant guardian soldiers, guardians of Ga’Hoole and who believed in these legends, chooses good, and the elder goes to the side of the destroyers.

Young owls, having chosen a good way, make overflights of another’s territories to help requiring. They get new acquaintances, make friends, do valiant deeds, and dream of becoming night watchmen. The small owls want prowess and courage, strive for justice and honesty.

The film is incredibly beautiful and filled with excellent music, the dynamic development of events keeps the viewer in constant tension. Only beautiful graphics relaxes: the characters themselves are mesmerizing, pirouettes and special effects are perfectly drawn, they enthrall. Very believable scenes of battle, accompanied by the screeching and glitter of metal claws, chain mail, helmets.

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Legend of the guardians 2 premiere

Legend of the guardians 2, the output of which is scheduled for January-February 2019 – the continuation of the beloved cartoon by the subjects of one of the 15 books by K. Laski. These books are also known and loved by readers all over the world. Exit the next story about the world of owls. Will the well-deserved peace find the Great Tree this time, what adventures await the Soren Soren, how his relationship with his brother will develop – all this we can see on the screens in the new season of the series.

Interesting facts about the cartoon

Legend of the guardians 2

The rental of the first part of the film, which took place in September 2010, brought creators more than $140 million. To create the film they spent half of this amount. The first premiere of this film took place on September 23, 2010. The cartoon was nominated for the Annie Awards in several nominations, but received only one. This award for best visual effects was received in 2011.

This happened in 2011. For the best visual effects. Critics also liked the cartoon graphics and musical accompaniment.


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