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King’s Avatar Season 2


Mainly Japanese writers and producers come up with successful anime series. At least, we are used to that fact and always expect something new from them. The situation with King’s Avatar is 100% different. Directed by Shi Yiyue, this award-winning series was launched created in Chine. It combines multiple genres including Esports, action, and adventure. In other words, we have an all-in-one overwhelming anime blend that debuted in 2017.

King’s Avatar Season 1 had a great success. The premiere took place in 2017. We have amazing news! The King’s Avatar Season 2 release date has been officially announced! Producers made I clear that we can expect King’s Avatar Season 2 in 2019. It seems like there will be no delays. So, we can witness the continuation of the thrilling story of the best player in “Glory” team.

When Will King’s Avatar Season 2 be Released?

The release of the first season took the audience by storm. It was not left unnoticed by the anime fans in different countries across the globe. It got plenty of positive reviews on various forums and online communities. It made it clear that the series will have a continuation. The Chinese studio does not seem to break the deadlines as many Japanese studios do. We already have the exact King’s Avatar Season 2 release date that will take place in 2019 in respond to a huge demand.

Video game producers have already come up with several game versions based on the original plot of the series. The popularity of the franchise is growing rapidly as well as the anxiety to see the next season as well as the main characters led by Ye Xiu.

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Kings Avatar Season 2

King’s Avatar Season 2 Plot and Characters

The world of professional sports is full of envy and anxiety. When a single person reaches huge success and highlights amazing achievements, his or her rivals cannot sleep at night wishing the same glory. This is what actually happened to the main character of the series. His name is Ye Xiu. He is the most talented and successful sportsman from the “Glory” team. After a close call in the team of professionals where he nearly died, Ye Xiu makes an impressive comeback to start his successful sporting career from scratch and prove everyone he is the best. He does pretty well from a start thanks to his skills and experience. Ye Xiu manages to rise quickly from the bottom to the sports height looking like a real professional.

The main character starts playing for a new team that grows together with its main player. Later Ye Xiu gets a chance to build his own team and fight the opponent from his previous account back. Will he manage to win the crown once again? Who will stay after the epic battle between two best teams? We hope to find the answer after the King’s Avatar Season 2 premiere.

What to Expect from King’s Avatar Season 2 Release Date?

The new season will start not as flourishing as some may expect according to the OVA. The main character is not eager to push hard from the start. It seems like he reserves some space for other teammates to express their skills and talents. This fact proves that Ye Xiu is the right person to trust, which makes him a good player and teammate as well. Such great features of character will let the team gain a good shape and get ready for the new season. Looking forward to the premiere.

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