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Jumanji 3


The iconic fantasy story of Alan Parrish and his thrilling adventures in the game of Jumanji have grown into a new successful franchise. The first movie about the wicked game hit the headlines back in 1995 starring Robin Williams. It was a sensation at the box office letting TriStar Pictures and production companies make good cash.

Based on the original novel by Chris Van Allsburg the first Jumanji movie earned almost $283 million gross. It is a huge success considering the film’s budget, which was $65 million. A story about a boy who found a strange game and suddenly disappeared has found the continuation! We have great news for all fans! The official Jumanji 3 release date has been announced. The third movie from the franchise will hit the big screen in December 2019.

jumanji 3

When Will Jumanji 3 be Released?

December 13, 2019, is the official date of Jumanji 3 premiere. A good news was told by The Rock via his social network profiles. By the way, he played the major part in the second Jumanji movie that also had a huge success.

Starring Dwayne Johnson and some other popular Hollywood stars, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle was another sensational hit by producers. It managed to gain success at the box office despite all predictions and skeptics. The story about a wicked game continues in a new way adopted to our reality. Here we have a video game with controllers instead of a wooden desk with chips and dice. A group of school students finds the game while being sentenced by the principle. They suddenly find themselves in the shoes of the main game characters. They need to complete all missions. Otherwise, they may stay in the game forever.

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A hilarious and spectacular story has hit the big screen in 2017 reserving little time for producers to come up with the third movie and meet the deadlines. On the other hand, judging by Johnson’s excitement in social media, the Jumanji 3 will happen as per schedule.

jumanji 3 release date

What to Expect from Jumanji 3 Release Date?

The actor did not actually share much information about the upcoming movie. What we do know is that some new characters will appear. Most of them were not present in the second film. A good news for all Rock fans: Smolder Bravestone will make a sensational comeback. His trusted and adventurous fellows including Sheldon Oberon (Jack Black), Ruby Roundhouse (Karen Gillan), and other characters from the previous Jumanji movie will accompany him.

The information about the upcoming Jumanji 3 premiere has been confirmed by the actor recently. However, there were lots of speculations regarding the release of the third movie. What was launched in 1995 as a thrilling fairytale has eventually grown into an adventurous and thrilling action with a set of characters?

The idea of creating the third Jumanji movie appeared in 2012. Sony was rumored to start the shooting process. It was supposed to a remake of the original story released in 1995. However, the company was forced to postpone the premiere of the remake that was supposed to hot the big screen in 2016. It did not happen and made fans and critics rather angry with Sony. On the other hand, we should take into account such crucial factors including Robin Williams’ death.

Jumanji 3 Plot

We expect some unpredictable twists in the third movie. The second one was mainly around new characters trying to know their avatars’ abilities better. This time they can take the fullest from their skills getting involved in new thrilling and risky adventures. The only question is how they plan to get back to the game. Are we going to watch a new story of kids hearing the strange sound nearby? We will find it out in the nearest future.

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