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Jessica Jones Season 2 Release Date


Marvels came strong with their Netflix season under the name of their character Jessica Jones. The first season aired in 2016 and had good reviews. Jessica Jones Season 2 is continuing the story in a more intense way. The critics for the Jessica Jones Season 2 Premiere came in with a rather mixed response. Some of the critics said that the season as moving slow and some said that the pure mysterious character of Jessica is finally started to unravel and the history of the character and the mystery side of from where she got her superpowers is being disclosed with sheer perfection.

Jessica Jones Season 2 Release Date

You would be happy that Jessica Jones Season 2 Release Date is available and it is sooner than you think. 8th of March, 2018 has been selected as the Jessica Jones Season 2 Release Date. Normally Jessica Jones Season 2 would have been following the schedule of season 1 and aired on a Friday but Marvels chose 8th March to be the Jessica Jones Season 2 Release Date because it is also the international day for Women. So in a clever move, Marvels poured in their part to show support for the international day.

Jessica Jones Season 2 Premiere Story

Jessica Jones Season 2 Premiere tells us that the season is basically revolving around our detective who is exploring deeper parts of her identity and her powers. After the tragic death of her brother and both parents, Jessica Jones got her powers from some mysterious group who saved her and put her through some experiments. These experiments were performed by a company called IGH but that is all we know about IGH so far. What is going to be the story of the supporting cast in Jessica Jones Season 2? What is more of IGH? Well, just wait for Jessica Jones Season 2 Release Date and you might know.

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Jessica Jones Season 2 Cast

In Jessica Jones Season 2, most of the characters are kept involved. For example, Rachel Taylor is playing the step sister as Trish Walker and Carri-Ann Moss is playing Jeri Hogwarth. Also, Eka Darville comes on screen as Malcolm Ducass. In Jessica Jones Season 2, the villain was a mystery but the critics have confirmed that David Tennant is still there as the famous Killgrave. His absence would have been a big question as his awesome acting and the control his character had on our detective PI put a sensational touch to the weird psychopathic chemistry between the main character and our villain. Despite his neck being broken in the last episode of season 1 by Jessica herself, it seemed quite unsatisfying to accept that he has died as there was nothing more told about his body or what was going to happen to him.

What to expect from Jessica Jones Season 2?

Well, with a total of 13 episodes available in Ultra HD 4K quality among others, overall it is expected that Jessica Jones Season 2 will be a big helper to the Marvels season universe as the story has 2 important characters which are part of another season as well. The girlfriend of our Luke Cage and Jessica Jones herself, both are major roles of The Defenders which is also a big name under the flagship of Marvels. So keep your fingers cross and let’s wait for the Jessica Jones Season 2 Release Date.

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  1. 8th March. That’s like 2 weeks ago. How comes I didn’t hear that?! Smh. So much for being a fan of Jessica Jones!

  2. Is it really out?? I can’t find it or rather I haven’t seen it!! Where can I get it? Any cinema around showing it or can I get it online or something?

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