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iZombie Season 5


Are you thinking to follow the iZombie series from the first episode? If yes then you should read this first. The series starts with Olivia Moore (the main character of the series played beautifully by the lovely Rose Mcliver) visiting a party where a new energy drink is also being used for the first time by the party goers. The drink is somehow infected by an unknown virus and the disease spreads in the party making them go crazy with many deaths on the spot and some of them going white skin red eyes and craving for, wait for it, yup! Brains. The season picks up the pace when the infection is transferred to Olivia and she starts to fight for her survival using her job (working at the morgue) and eating their brains for food. This has a side effect. She experiences glimpses of the brains memories which she uses to solve different murders as well.


The cast of iZombie is nonetheless perfectly chosen as Robert Buckley plays the role of Major Lilywhite who is the boyfriend of Olivia Moore. Rahul Kohli is brilliantly playing the role of a scientist as Dr. Ravi along with others as well.


Currently, the series is going through its 4th season and it is in the first half of episodes. So it is quite difficult to say what will be the iZombie Season 5 Release Date. But we are certain about the fact that season 5 is coming for sure. The reason for that is that recently it has been announced that one major character of the series Robert Knepper best known for his role of T- Bag in Prison Break, who played Blain’s father in iZombie will not be part of the next season of the serial. This confirms that there is, in fact, going to be another season of iZombie. And before you ask, no, Knepper was not removed from the series because of sexual assault. His contract ended and he was simply let go.

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As the news of iZombie Season 5 is confirmed, it is sure that we are going to have iZombie Season 5 Premiere in 2018 but we are not sure when is it going to be. Keeping spoilers away from this article, it is for sure that Olivia has to take some bold decisions in iZombie Season 5 if she wants to hold on to her humanity and her family and friends as well. Not to mention the safety of the whole community and maybe even larger populations at stake, the whole team has to take severe steps while still tackling the Blain and his goons.


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  1. Yay!! I want to see Olivia Moore again. I’ve watched all previous seasons and I really like the character. A new season would sure be welcomed.

  2. I only just saw this iZombie movie recently and I have already fallen for it. A new season is great and I can’t wait to see it.

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