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Harrow season 2


The first season of the multi-part film “Harrow” was premiered on March 9, 2018. Currently, 9 episodes are shown. Despite the fact that the season has not yet been completed, it is already evident that the series will be extended, and the audience will be able to see Harrow 2 season.

The plot line of the series

The protagonist of the series is Daniel Harrow. He is a pathologist, a forensic medical expert, a genius of his kind. But he has a very complex character. Daniel does not recognize anyone, there are no authorities for him. But to those who get to him on the table in his laboratory, he shows sincere sympathy. He is ready to do anything to find out the true causes of the death of the deceased person and to unravel the matter.

In the personal life of the doctor everything is not easy, because of his unbearable nature the wife left him, and his daughter does not understand and does not recognize. He is trying to somehow straighten the situation, but he does not succeed. At work, everything is going very well. Harrow carefully examines every body delivered to him to find evidence. His working days go on in their own way, leaving behind him a lot of open cases.

Everything changes dramatically when the mortuary receives the remains of a man who spent a long time in concrete. Learning about the new corpse, Harrow not only does not hurry to conduct research, but also does it intentionally superficially. What is it? Fatigue, unwillingness to investigate this case? Or behind this lies the terrible secret of the doctor himself, and he does not want it to become public?

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In the first season, the creators of the series decided to slightly open the veil of mystery, intriguing the audience. What will follow the terrible discovery of the remains, what threat hangs over the doctor and his family? This will tell us Harrow second season.


The main role in the series went to Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd. For spectators, he is familiar with the role of the scientist Reed Richards in the Fantastic Four. In the project “Eternity”, Ioan was already playing the pathologist of Henry Morgan, who has eternal life. But this project was closed, despite the positive feedback from the audience.

Mirra Folks played a police officer Soroja Das. This Australian actress often plays dramatic heroines who experience emotional trauma. I had to play Mirra and policemen. Spectators saw her on such TV series as “The gift”, “Secrets and lies”, in the thriller “The Endangered Breed”.

Remy Hii was invited to the role of Simon Van Rake. Prior to this film was shot in “Marco Polo”, “Better Man”, “East of everything”, “Crazy Rich Asians!”.

harrow season 2 premiere

Information about the show

  • The series is a joint creation of two countries: Australia and the USA. Directed by: Tony Kravitz, Kate Dennis, Peter Salmon. Tony Kravitz is known for his participation in the creation of serials “Department of Murders”, “The Kettering Incident”, “Dead Europe”. The script for the film was written by Leigh McGrath and Stephen M. Irwin.
  • The famous musician Matteo Zingales, who wrote music for the films “Camp”, “Australia Day”, became a composer of the series.
  • Depending on the translation and the channel on which the series is broadcast, it has several names: “Harrow” or “Dr. Harrow.”
  • Now the first season of the series is broadcast by ABC channel. In all, the first season includes 10 episodes, the tenth episode is scheduled to be shown on May 11.
  • Because of the large number of scenes in the morgue, the series has age limits: 18+.
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Harrow season 2: Release date

The first season left too many secrets unsolved, so fans of the series are wondering when will the prevmiere of Harrow season 2 will come, the release date of which has not yet been announced. Presumably, the second season will be released next spring.

Season Number of episodes Release Date
season1 10 09.03.18 — 11.05.2018
season2 unknown unknown


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