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Hancock 2


Hancock had a blasting entry to Hollywood with big names in the cast such as the all-time famous Will Smith, the beautiful Charlize Theron, the dashing Jason Bateman and many others. Hancock portrays the story of a superhero, which could not bear the power of fame and lost his track. He became a drunk and abandoned the world. Due to his emotional attachment with Mary Embrey (played magnificently by Charlize Theron) Hancock is forced to come forward again and face the world. During this process, Hancock comes to know that one of his previous enemies, Kenneth Red (played by Eddie Marsan) has escaped the prison and is coming for him. The movie then revolves around how the superhero tries to balance his tumbling life between his emotional dilemma and his arch enemy. Now the filmmakers are planning to go for Hancock 2. Yup that’s right. It really is happening.


News which are rumoring around about the sequel for Hancock are not promising enough. Although when asked about the sequel, Will Smith did say that HANCOCK 2 Release Date is soon going to be disclosed. This confirmed that fans of the superstar are going to be seeing him with superpowers again. But still, there is nothing solid available to be discussed about Hancock  2.


Just like the release date for Hancock 2 is being a mystery right now, fans will have to wait for the Hancock 2 Premiere as well to get information about the story of their drunken superhero. Though the confirmation from Will Smith is good news, it just does not seem enough for the fans or even for us. The end of Hancock 1 did not provide any clear hints which could lead to Hancock 2 so it might be interesting to see what the story writers come up with for the theme. Some people believe that having a hint of story planned in advance is better for the filmmakers as they have a predefined boundary which helps them focus. But some people are of the opinion that an open ground is much better for a story and the room for innovation and introduction of new characters is possible with better story backgrounds.

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Well, honestly, it is going to be a tough time for the filmmakers when they are at their Hancock 2 Premiere because the first movie of the title did get mixed reviews though. Not everybody was happy with the story and the theme of the movie as it was damaging the thought of a superhero unable to control his emotions. A drunken superhero that sometimes could not control his powers and stumbles around at super speeds? Seriously? What would kids learn from that? But again we would repeat that an open hand for story writing is a very big opportunity for the filmmakers and they can turn the remaining tables around with Hancock 2 if they put their minds to it.


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  1. A hancock-2?? Seriously? Well. I’ll love to see how it comes out. I’m pleased with the producers from the first one and I bet this would be better.

  2. Wow.. Just something interesting to hit my screen. I look forward to that. Hancock-2? Woahhhh. That’s something I am anxious about.

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