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Grimgar Season 2


The Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash or Grimgar for short is an award-winning novel by Ao Jumonji. It takes readers to a new fantasy world full of magic and prodigious creatures. The novel made its debut in 2013. Two years later, it was followed by the anime adaptation. Based on the plot of the original fantasy novel, the first season of Grimgar anime was released in 2015.

The anime series had a great success in Japan and across the world. Almost three years have passed since the original release. Fans are a bit worried because they are still not aware of the official Grimgar Season 2 release date. The anime itself was launched by Crunchyroll. The studio is well-known among manga fans. It has released a man different series that had a success. However, the studio has not revealed any information regarding the approximate date of the Grimgar Season 2 premiere.

When Will Grimgar Season 2 be Released?

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash is the full name of the sensational anime series based on the thrilling fantasy novel by Ao Jumonji. We have thoroughly examined all available sources including Japanese forums in search of the slightest information regarding Grimgar Season 2 release date. Most fans are whispering about the fact that the new season will hit the screen by the end of 2018.

Well, that might be true. The only problem is the fact that the fate of the anime second season is in hands of Funimation. The studio has already purchased rights for some award-winning manga series. However, it has not come up with their premiers yet. It means that Grimgar Season 2 premiere can be postponed as well. The chances to see the manga in 2019 look higher. At least, we do know producers have enough content to launch the second season of the amazing anime fantasy story.

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Grimgar Season 2 release date

What to Expect from Grimgar Season 2 Premiere?

Unlike other web novels and series, Grimgar Season 1 was not very long. It contained only 12 episodes. They were released starting from January 2016. We are approaching the release date and hoping that producers are secretly planning the Grimgar Season 2 release date the same month.

Renewed anime series can be brought by A-1 Studio in Japan. Funimation will be in charge of popularizing the new season in North America. However, none of the studios made any official statements that might refer to Grimgar Season 2 release date.

Grimgar Plot and Characters

While there is not much to talk about Grimgar Season 2 premiere, let’s remember the plot and some of the series main characters. The story takes us to an unexpected fantasy world that differs from any we have experienced before.

The fantasy wonderland is full of different characters who do not remember where they are from and how old they are. The name is the only thing they remember from their past lives. They will do their best to kill anyone who gets on their way. It does not matter if they know you or not. They will definitely kill you.

Later the wondrous inhabitants find out that working in groups is more effective. They create communities and look for more alliances to form a powerful group that no one can ever beat. We come across some loners in the group. They are the main characters including Priest Manato, Mage Shihoru, Beast Moguzo, Theif Haurhiro, Hunter Yume. Together they fight with goblins to earn many rewards from the loot as possible. The reward they get can be sued to purchase different useful staff from weaponry to food and clothes. They do not actually understand how they turn into a group of merciless assassins.

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Grimgar Season 2 Trailer HD

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