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Gravity Falls season 3 — release date and premiere


American series Gravity Falls from Disney Chanel has a huge number of fans from different countries. This is due to the fact that the plot of the animated film was so exciting that it attracted not only children, but also an older generation. The first two parts of the audience watched in one breath, and now they are waiting for the continuation with great impatience. When will Gravity Falls season 3 be released?

Storyline of the 1st and 2nd parts

In the title of the television series Gravity Falls – duplicates the name of a small town, which is located in Oregon. It is here that the events of the cartoon unfold. Storyline Gravity Falls 1 season – the boy Dipper and the girl Mabel, whose surname Pines, went on a visit to the Wall for the summer holidays. Their uncle is the manager of the agency “Hut of Miracles”, which is a tourist service.

Parents of twelve-year-old twins decided that they were much better off from the dangers of a big city. But this turn of events did not make my brother and sister happy. They thought that they would have to “cook” in a dense provincial boredom. In fact, everything turned out quite differently. The main characters plunged into a whirlpool of unusual adventures, which could not have been dreamed of on the streets of a metropolis.

Children discover the secrets of the provincial town, which are especially liked by the fans of Gravity. Director John Aoshima introduces us to fantasy and magical creatures, the existence of which no one could even think about. The main attraction of the city is the museum “Hut of Miracles” – a famous place among visitors. Holds this mysterious corner of Uncle Mable and Dipper Gravity – Stanford Pines.

Gravity Falls season 3 release date

Why is this cartoon so unique?

Despite the fact that the exact release date of season 3 is still unknown, fans are eagerly awaiting the continuation, because the first 2 parts have become for them a real adventure. They have experienced the adventures of teenagers in a mysterious town. In the 3rd season of Gravity Falls there will be a continuation of their adventures in the vicinity of the city, where there are full of gloomy places in which dreadful creatures dwell.

Magnificent graphics and a sharp plot are the main advantages of the cartoon. According to the director, the sequel will be presented in a new format – as a comic. Fans were happy with this decision.

Separate attention worthy of drawing and characters. Each hero has its own uniqueness both external and internal. All of them have not only positive features, but also drawbacks. In this case, it is impossible not to single out the charismatic Mabel, which captivates the viewer with an inexhaustible sense of humor, positivity and immediacy.

The uniqueness of the cartoon is that the viewer not only observes the course of events, but also tries to find answers to the questions on his own, which makes the viewing as engrossing as possible. In each subsequent series, hints are hidden, which I direct to get the correct answer. The same approach is used when creating the Gravity Falls 3 season.

Gravity Falls season 3 premier

Announcement of the 3rd part

Gravity Falls will reveal to us the meaning invested in the first and second part. Finally, the behavior of the main and minor heroes becomes clear. The viewer can justify or criticize their actions.

The final of the second season was released on screens in 2016 in February. Broadcasting was carried out on the television channel Disney XD. The main characters are all the same enterprising and fearless twins. Released 40 series, which tells about the summer adventures of the younger generation of the Dipper family, look at one go.

The third season will reveal the riddle, which we were intrigued by the last series. All the fans of the animated series are looking forward to the release of new series not only 3, but also 4 release seasons. What will happen in the story line? The main characters are waiting for a fight with the otherworldly force and with unexplained paranormal phenomena.

Will there be a continuation of the Gravity Falls?

On the forums and in the comments to the cartoon there were many messages containing the question: “will there be season 3 or not?”. The exact date of the release of the series, which are welcome, is not even known in Wikipedia. According to many “experts”, the director will please us only 10 episodes and no 4 pieces will be.

Gravity Falls season 3 all episodes

Gravity Falls season 3 – release date

The exact release date of season 3 is still unknown. In the news, fans are comforted that they will be able to watch the continuation in the coming 2018. View the new issue will be the first lucky ones who will have time to buy tickets to the cinema. Many are indignant that the promised continuation was planned for September 2017, but the director has not kept his promise.

So will the continuation of the Gravity Falls? Why do many say that work on Part 3 of the Gravity Falls is closed? Script writer Alex Hirsh asserts that everything will be, it is only necessary to wait. Work on season 3 is already underway, you just have to be patient. Already very soon the trailer will appear on the screens of the animated series, which briefly narrates about the plot line of the long-awaited continuation of the Gravity Falls.


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