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Gate Season 3


Are you a true anime fan? Do you appreciate reading web novels? In this case, Gate Season 3 premiere is the #1 event in the list of the most anticipated releases in 2018. Fans all over the world are waiting for the official Gate Season 3 release date, which promises numerous exciting surprises starting from the introduction of xenomorphs to some of your favorite characters like Rory and some others.

Yes, you’ve heard it right! The new season of the Gate anime web novel will include xenomorphs from the legendary Alien movie starring Sigourney Weaver. But how can both projects have any connection? Keep n reading to learn more about Gate Season 3 release date and some of the insights from behind-the-scenes.

When Will Gate Season 3 Be Released?

Despite the huge popularity of the original Gate manga and anime versions, the last season did not gain much attention from the publishers due to a poor English translation. This is why we can yet enjoy only the first gate version translated into English. This is why we might have some problems related to Gate season 3 premiere cancellation.

On the other hand, the new season is rumored to bring so many new great features, that publishers will hardly resist the temptation to release the new version featuring our beloved characters such as Rory, Tuka, Lele, and some others. Moreover, we would never miss Aliens fighting JSDF, as this is going to be an epic battle without overestimation.

gate season 3

What to Expect from Gate Season 3 Premiere?

If compared to the 2nd season, the gate season 3 will come as the adaptation of light novel series. Some of you might have already experienced such type of adaptation during summer 2015 when the Gate season 2 was released. It featured 24 episodes that ended in 2016. One would hardly expect them to become a sequel in the end.

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The new season will be divided into several p[arts or so-called course that last for three months. So, we are going to have a set of episodes during a single cour followed by the renovation during the second cour and so forth. As a result, the Gate season will transform into a split-cour anime model that is becoming more and more popular with both publishers and fans. For instance, the Gate season 3 premiere will include the Food Wars that will have two parts.

Gate Season 3 Characters and Plot

The anime novel series depicts modern Tokyo at present days. Suddenly, a strange portal appears right in the center of the city. It appears to be the gate for hordes of monsters and soldiers. They merge to attack the Japanese capital. Regular army fails to protect citizens. This is where the Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) might come in handy considering their advanced weaponry and tactics.

They decide to us the Gates in order to negotiate with the Empire’s forces. Their mission is to declare peace. However, Japanese forces are not the only ones that wish to explore the universe with the help of the portal. Other counties also want to get an access to the Gates.

Yōji Itami is the main character of the novel. He is the JSDF officer and the one to be sent to explore the world outside the gates. He will have to come across many unexpected things and creatures like magic or dragons. Later Yōji teams up with other characters to explore the fantasy world of the Special Region. The only hope is that Yōji will get on well with Princess Piña as well as the Emperor and senators who are eager to follow the anti-war course.

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