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Final Space Season 1


For all those people out there who have a soft spot for animated series with an adult storyline, FINAL SPACE Season 1 is here. Yup! It is the first-ever serialized interstellar comedic adventure. It just got released in February and is only two episodes into its first season. The animated season is about an astronaut Gary who is on a quest to find the end of the universe. He is accompanied by his sidekick who “Destroys Planets”. Well, yes that’s true. Together they are traveling in the universe and are expecting to explore new things which will improve their experience. Being rated for the adult viewers, one can expect quite humorous turn of events along the way.


With 26th February 2018 as the Final Space Season 1 Release Date, the series is actually planned to provide a new perspective to look at the universe with a touch of adult comedy all the way. The first two episodes of the season tell us that Gary (voiced by the awesome Olan Rogers) is on a quest to the end of the universe. In the first episode, our astronaut meets a cute being “Mooncake” who also happens to be a very big superweapon. Big enough to completely destroy a whole planet. They become friends and start their journey into space. Final Space Season 1 Premiere was hosted by a company which usually does not do that kind of hosting. So it means that Final Space Season 1 has some interesting story to pitch to its viewers.


The animated series has quite an interesting line of the cast. Not to mention the names of their characters are also quite interesting and cute enough to match their animated characters. The main character of the series, Gary (the astronaut) is voiced by Olan Rogers. His sidekick, the cute entity with extreme superpowers Mooncake is voiced by him as well. Another character in the series Lord Commander is dubbed by the already famous Marvel villain David Tennant (who played Killgrave in Marvel Jessica Jones). Coty Galloway will be paying the voice for Avocato and Tom Kenny can be heard behind the character of HUE. Many other voices are also going to appear behind characters. These will be including Tika Sumpter, Steven Yeun, John DiMaggio, Conan O’Brien, Gina Torres, Tobias Conan Trost, Keith David Caleb McLaughlin and many others.

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Well, based on its first few episodes, the series looks promising enough. Its creator, Olan Rogers in a YouTube video said that he was not expecting something this big out of his creation that it would get aired for a complete season but let’s be serious. Do check out Final Space Season 1. The series does have potential and the storyline with the voices both are catchy enough to make us stick to it for a while. Fingers crossed!


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  1. I’ve actually watched the first season and I sure loved what I saw. It was really funny and mature not just for kids. The producer sure knows his story and how to present it.

  2. Is the whole season out already?! I’ve seen some episodes and I totally fell in love with it. I hope the series continues for a while cause it is really amazing and funny.

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