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Fairy tail 3 season


Japanese anime series “Fairy Tail”, is a video adaptation of the same name manga Hiro Massima. It was released in 2009 and was broadcast in Tokyo until 2013. In 2014 came the second season of the series. The adventures of a member of the wizard’s guild Natsu Dragnell attracted many. The series is quite popular, so viewers’ attention is focused on news from the anime world, they are interested in the question when the Fairy Tail 3 season will be released.

Storyline of the anime series

The action of the Fairy Tail series takes place in a fictional place where the wizards team up in the guild. Lucy Serfily, a young sorceress, runs away from home to join the Guild. There she meets Natsu Dragneel, a wizard who travels in search of his father. Together they form their team, it includes the kitten Happy, the master of ice Gray Fullbuster, the dragon-killer Wendy Marvel, the wizard Erza Scarlet.

A fearless team travels through the kingdom of Fior, fighting with dark guilds and demons. Also, the Natsu guild takes part in the Great Magic Games in order to show its magical powers in the tournament and win the title of the most powerful guild of the kingdom.

Anime-series “Fairy tail” looks very easy, despite the large number of battles, it is not overloaded with cruelty. Most likely, this is a fairy tale in the genre of fantasy, about dragons, wizards, magical powers. It’s no wonder that this series has so many fans.

Information about the series

The film was directed by Shinji Ishihira. He created a series based on the manga of Hiro Massima, the Japanese mangaka. Manga has 545 chapters, it was published from 2006 to 2017.

The official number of episodes in the series is 277. Another amount will enter the Tail of the Fairy season 3, the release date of which is still unknown.

Originally it was planned that Natsu would wear red clothes, but she was replaced by a black one. The creators believed that black color is better in harmony with the magic of fire, which he possesses.

Fairy tail season 3 premier

In the manga, Gray smokes, but in the animated series of this had to be abandoned because of age-related censorship.

On May 06, 2017, the feature film Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry. It was filmed based on the manga and the anime series of the same name. The director Tatsuma Minamikawa worked on his creation, the script was provided by Shōji Yonemura. Masima acted as a storyboard artist and executive producer. In the film there are not only familiar characters on the series, but also new characters. In Japan, the film was very well received by the audience, so in August it was shown in the cinemas of other countries. This film was the second adaptation of the manga.

The first anime-screen version called Fairy Tail: The Priestess of Firebird was shot in 2012. It was filmed on the basis of ongoing in the genre of adventure, fantasy. In its creation, Hiro Massima also took part. The script was written by Masashi Sogo. In Japan, the film was shown in 2013, then the rights to the show were sold to other countries.

When will the Fairy Tail season 3 be released?

When will the 3rd season of the Fairy Tail be released? July 20, 2017 the creators of the series confirmed that work on the new season is underway, it is planned to finish it by 2018. As the season should be final, the work may drag on. Other official statements have not yet been received. Fans of the series will have to wait a bit, reviewing the old series of previous seasons. The new anime series The tail of the fairy season 3 promises to be no less exciting. In it, the adventures of friends will continue, on their way will meet a lot of interesting things.



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