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Egyxos season 2


The Italian animated series “Egyxos” was shown on Italian television in 2015. In Russia, its broadcast began a year later. The adventure of an inquisitive teenager named Leo was to the liking of small lovers of fantasy and adventure. And now they are eagerly awaiting Egyptus 2 season, which the creators of the animated series promise to release already this year. Although the release date of Egypt 2 is yet to be announced.

The plot line of the cartoon

Animated series is shot in a fantasy-adventure genre. It tells us about the boy Leo, who lived the life of an ordinary teenager, while in the room of his younger brother and sister he did not find the bracelet given to him once by his grandfather. At that time Leo was too small to listen to the words of his grandfather, who severely ordered not to lose the bracelet.

Since that time, Leo’s life has completely changed. It turned out that the bracelet is endowed with a magical power, which is designed to help him cope with any difficulties. The bracelet has an unusual engraving, the one who owns this bracelet can consider himself the heir of the last Pharaoh. The amulet is a relic, you can not let it fall into the hands of the dark forces. In the bracelet are 4 stones, controlling the power of Water, Fire, Air. The fourth stone is responsible for the power of the Cosmos, because it is the eye of Ra.

Leo is awaited by interesting and dangerous adventures, travel in space. Getting into a mysterious labyrinth, he will have to meet with giant bats, scorpion soldiers. Leo has friends: Bernie and Dale, Colin and Kay. The dark power in the series is represented by Exacon, Toth, Anubis. Leo is to protect Egyxos by defeating the forces of evil. In this he will be helped by the Golden Army led by the defender of the good Kefer. Who will win, what adventures await Leo, you can find out by looking at the 2nd season of Egyxos.


Interesting facts

Currently, due to the popularity of the cartoon series Egyxos, released a computer game based on the cartoon. On the official site of the series you can download coloring books for children with their favorite characters from the cartoon.

Released are magazines with collectible figures of all characters and game cards. Children can not only watch 1 and 2 season online, but also recreate the Ancient World of Egypt and battle it with the help of board games and toys.

When will the season 2 of Egyxos be released

The animated series “Egyxos” showed high enough ratings, therefore it was not long to wait for Egyxps 2. The first season consisted of 26 series. All series can be viewed for free online. The creators of the cartoon will not change the main concept of the series. In the new season, Leo is waiting for new adventures, no less exciting and interesting.

Release date of Egyptus Season 2

Egyxos 2 will be released on television in the fall of 2018.

Name of film and season Release date
Egyxos 2 season autumn 2018


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