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Drifters Season 2


Two years have passed since the first Season of Drifters was aired in October 2016. The award-winning action manage was written and illustrated by Kouta Hirano in 2009. It firstly ran in 5 volumes revealing the thrilling fantasy manga story that instantly hit the headlines.

Also known as Dorifutazu, the manga series has been directed by Kenichi Suzuki to become a full-scale animated TV series popular in Japan and in the rest of the world thanks to English dubbing. All fans are wondering when ton expect Drifters season 2 release date? Is there any news about Drifters season 2 premiere? We will try to figure it out.

When Will Drifters season 2 be Released?

It has been two years since we have seen the last episode of Drifters season 1. It was aired in 2016. It is high time the studio came up with the Drifters Season 2 release date. The premiere of the second fantasy manga season is rumored to be released in 2019.

It has been a while since the end of the first season. A few info was available regarding the second season release date. There is no official information yet. We had to look through dozens of Japanese forums to find at least something. Unfortunately, we did not with the exception of some rumors. Most fans are speaking about December 2019 as a possible Drifters season 2 release date.

Drifters Season 2

What is the Plot of Drifters Season 2?

Kouta Hirano created an alternative world where Drifters are fighting against the Ends. Drifters are actually heroes from different time epochs and cultures. They are brought together in the fantasy manga series to oppose the Ends. They are mainly driven by victory and conquest. However, they are not initially cruel without any goal of hurting innocent people, unlike the Ends. This is how we actually meet the main characters of the series right in the heart of the epic battle.

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The main difference between the Ends and the Drifters is the fact that our heroes do not have any magic skills. They mainly have to rely on their technological devices, strength, and stamina. Those are the only means that will let them survive in the war. Now, let’s meet some of the main manga characters and those whom we might see in the second season as well.

Drifters Season 2 release date

Drifters Season 2 Characters

As we have already mentioned before, the Drifters introduce a team of warriors and heroes from different areas and timelines. They have brought different traditions and cultures to one place. However, those cultures are under the risk of vanishing because of the Ends aggression. Drifters have to stop their enemies and prevent the destruction of the world they love. Moreover, they are forced to protect innocent people and cannot watch the Ends harming those who cannot oppose.

The team of experienced warriors and heroes includes:

  • Murasaki – a quiet man who prefers keeping silence. He does his best to bring as many Drifters together as possible. He considers their mission as the only right force to fight bad powers back in the face of the Ends. He likes smoking cigars in silence somewhere in the corner of the room. He is often illustrated with a newspaper at the desk.
  • Shimazu Toyohisa – he is the leader of the Drifters’ squad. He is the main character of the manga who died in 1600 during the Battle of Sekigahara. He is very skillful when using swords to demolish his enemies.
  • Oda Nobunaga – once he was a powerful Japanese warrior who managed to conquer the biggest part of the country. In the group of Drifters, he has proved to be the best military strategist.
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The new series will also depict some other characters. All we have is to wait for the official Drifters season 2 release date.

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