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Dragons: Riders of Berk Season 6 Release Date


For our youngest viewers, the good news is the release of the 6th season of the animated drama series Dragons Riders of Berk. And if you have time to get bored of the heroes who so loved: Hiccup and Astrid, Stoik and Fishlegs, nice and charming dragons – Stormfly, Thornado, Torch, Toothless, Hookfang and Meatlug, meet and enjoy the new adventures of the heroes.

The action in the new series, as before, takes place during the union of Vikings with the race of dragons. The time when they were at enmity is already over. And, despite the complex and rather controversial nature of the Vikings, a mutual understanding that it was not possible to find with unpredictable dragons seemed to be found. Two completely different races together stand on the defense of the island of Berk. And luck to the Vikings comes only when their friends, dragons, come to their aid. The military alliance, which they call “Flying”, is able to throw a challenge to their most dangerous opponents. But for this, all the members of the team have to gain a lot of experience, learning the art of war. Cartoon characters together could be fearless and bold when it was necessary. Hiccup found help and support in the race of bold Vikings, and Toothless was able to unite the dragons. Our heroes boldly went to meet new exciting adventures. On a dangerous road, wily enemies and wild dragons met who threatened not only their beloved island, but also the inhabitants of Berk.

Dragons Riders of Berk Season 6 premiere

Did you think that all the enemies and treacherous dragon hunters were defeated? And life on the island of Berk after an attack of the strongest enemies is gradually improving? Vikings as before open new islands, the inhabitants of which, at first glance, are not so innocent. Heroes regret to learn that among them a traitor, whose goal is the lens of the Dragon’s eye. She has the most complete information about the Dragon King. The search for a traitor of the race is a matter of honor to the brave Hiccup and all his friends …

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What should I wait for in new episodes?

New, 6 season of the animated series Dragons: Riders of Berk will present new adventures of the bold and fearless Hiccup and his fairy friends. Intriguing secrets of the open islands, acquaintance with other dragons and battles for power. As in the previous series, the children’s audience will be told about friendship and loyalty, honor and nobility. There will be treachery, secret intrigues, and much more that will not leave you indifferent or indifferent.


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