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Descendants 3


Descendants is an American fantasy film, released in 2015. The idea was directed by Kenny Ortega. Starring Sofia Carson, Bu Stewart, Dove Cameron and Cameron Boyce. Will there be a continuation of this exciting movie? Is it worth waiting for the release of the Descendants 3?

So, what is the plot about?

Decsendants (Disney) is a story about the offspring of the most famous villains – Cruella De Ville, Jafar, the Evil Queen and the Maleficent. Four teenagers have the opportunity to live not on the Isle of the Lost.

The premiere of the television film took place in mid-summer 2015 and appeared for the first time on the Disney Channel. Critics spoke of it only positively. There were 6.6 million viewers only in the USA!

Descendants 3 premiere

Story line

Twenty years before the idea of the musical Descendants appeared, the following events occurred:

  • Beauty and the Beast after all troubles and tribulations finally defeated the evil, got married and united the kingdom in the United States (United States of Auradona).
  • They were given the role of leaders in this state, and the villains and their henchmen were sent to the Isle of the Lost.
  • This island was considered forbidden and was surrounded by a magic barrier.
  • He suppressed witchcraft and did not give chances of salvation.

The modern Aurodon was filled with fairy-tale characters. There was peace and merriment here. It was here that the son of Belle Ben, who was 16 years old, lived, but he was already preparing to enter the throne.

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The plot of the interesting film is based on Ben’s first order, which was about pardoning four children of villains who were on the Isle of the Lost. His father refused to support such an idea, but the teenagers were sent to study in a regular school.

A little time passed, as newly-minted pardons decided to steal a magic wand that belonged to the Godmother.

Could the main characters have come to their senses and abandon the malicious intent? In all serials, heirs of the event developed gradually. In the second part the answers to the main questions were presented. Will there be further disclosure of the story line in 3 parts?

Descendants 3

Description of heroes

New series of 2017 – Descendants 2, further revealed to us the character of the main characters:

  • Son of Beauty and the Beast – Ben (Mitchell Hope). In every possible way he helps newcomers to better rehabilitate themselves in the new school. He is not afraid of the children of villains, because he believes in their sincerity and wants to become a true friend for them.
  • The daughter of the Evil Queen is Evie (Sophia Carson). She hides her joy about leaving the Isle of the Lost. She believes that she will soon meet her lover and wants to become more beautiful than everyone else. In its armament there is a magic mirror.
  • Jafar’s son is Jay (Booboo Stewart). A born pickpocketer who at the new school becomes a player of the main team. In the four – a real connoisseur, on the basis of knowledge which will be carried out a cunning plan.
  • The daughter of the Maleficent is Mal (Dove Cameron). The girl is a true leader among her peers. It is her who is entrusted with the plan developed by her mother. She and her friends must steal a wand from the Fairy. Mal is a smart enough girl for her age, artistic and many students are afraid of her.
  • Cruella De Vil’s son Carlos de Vil (Cameron Boyce). A young guy is very afraid of dogs, because he was forced from childhood to know that they are dangerous. Carlos is a funny and cheerful teenager, whom, and, at first glance, you can not say that his mother is a villain. Over time, he conquers his fear. The young man is well versed in technology and is a fan of video games.
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Descendants 3 cast

Characters are built on Disney heroes, so familiar characters from a distant childhood. This further entices the viewer and makes us reflect on the importance of friendship and family in the life of each person. We all have the right to independently decide our own destiny, not paying attention to the mistakes of our parents, if any.

Will the third part of the Heirs help us better understand the essence of the plot or will the viewer have new questions, the answers to which will be given only in the next series?

Descendants 3: release date

The release date of the Descendants 3 is still unknown, but it is supposedly will be in the beginning of October 2019. The management of the Disney channel has not disregarded the hype of fans gathered around the original fantasy. Currently, work is underway to continue. The speed of the release of 3 parts depends on the quickness of the writers.

Already at the beginning of June on Russia 1, the release date will be announced. Most likely, a trailer will be shown, in which the essence of the subsequent narration will be briefly revealed. Will the next musical surprise us and become instructive for the younger generation? The director and screenwriter in the Descendants 3 plan to deeper uncover the idea of ​​the first parts and present the viewer the ground for reflection.

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