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Counterpart Season 2


Are you following the series Counterpart and waiting for Counterpart Season 2? Well, here is some great news regarding that. Because not only the season is being renewed for another run, the franchise is also increasing its cast. Here is all that you need to read about the Counterpart Season 2 Premiere and other information about the series.


Currently, as we all know that the season 1 is being broadcasted so it is quite hard to talk about or even predict the Counterpart Season 2 Release Date.  We are definite on the fact that the cancelation news for counterpart is not true. In fact, the series is being renewed for a second season with an additional cast. This means that the story is evolving and there will be a lot of new stuff for the viewers to watch in their anticipated season.


The series is actually created by Justin Marks who also has scripted the famous “The Jungle Book”. Counterpart is a sci-fi thriller story that is happening in Berlin following Simmons (played brilliantly by Howard Silk). The first episode of the first season shows that he has discovered that a 30 year old opening to a new parallel dimension is present in his secret office building and that he can only travel by going underneath his building to the other dimension which has been shown as world’s best guarded secret. 10 episodes will be made for the Counterpart Season 2.


Though we have to wait for Counterpart Season 2 Premiere as the release date for the second season of the series has not been announced yet but while you are at it and have not watched season 1, you should have a go at it. Because the show is said to be a good contender for HBO’s Game of Thrones and Walking Dead. So if a show has such a feedback from the fans, it definitely is worth seeing.

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As the show has quite a lot of female characters and actresses who are playing the lead roles or important roles in the show, it gives a good image of more power to women as well. With the recent upgrade of the cast list by introducing the awesome and beautiful Betty Gabriel, the show is now surely to get an even better response. For your information, she is going to be joining the show as a Naya Temple, who was formerly an FBI agent but now she has been hired by the Office of Interchange to clean house. This role seems magnetic as well intimidating for her.


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  1. I love that this movie gave power to women. It has an incredible plot and I love the characters. They are really natural in action and they bring life to the movie. I hope the season 2 comes up soon.

  2. Betty? Wow. This movie sure would get a better response and would be put in a good light. The movie itself is great and the characters are really doing a great job. Kudos to the producers.

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