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Blood Lad Season 2


Debuted in 2013, Blood Lad anime series had a great success. A story about a girl eaten by a plant and a guy named Staz who want to revive her contains a set of award-winning episode in the first season. A capturing manga made a name for itself forming a community of fans who are waiting for the official Blood Lad Season 2 release date. According to the rumors, they will not have to wait long. Blood Lad Season 2 premiere is expected to be unleashed in 2018 or 2019.

Blood Lad Season 2 Plot

Let’s refresh some details before the Blood Lad Season 2 premiere. The main character of the manga is a vampire who adores otaku. He is a casual teenaged vampire who loves different things such as video games, anime, and manga. Staz is never bothered by some duties. He just mingles around creating the reputation of a merciless monster. However, Staz has some mercies inside. He is not as hopeless as many consider.

Unlike many other vampires, Staz does not drink human blood. He is in charge of a monsters’ group with the same attitude. The main character is in the head of the Eastern part of the Demon World. One day, our vampire meets a girl named Fuyumi Yanagi. No one actually knows how she got to the Demon World. It appears that Fuyumi has found a portal that brought her to the world of demons.

Fuyumi is an ordinary Japanese schoolgirl. Staz falls for her.  However, the demon guard does not want her to walk around their districts. They consider her as a threat. As a result, Staz fails to rescue her. Fuyumi is eaten by a plant. She turns into a ghost while her devoted vampire tries his best to revive Fuyumi.

Blood Lad Season 2 release date

When Will Blood Lad Season 2 be Released?

The series was firstly launched in 2013. It was serialized since August 7. Many years have passed after the first season finale. Little was known about the approximate Blood Lad Season 2 release date. However, the situation has changed over the last years. Although we still do not have any official confirmation, the Blood Lad Season 2 premiere is rumored to be released at the end of 2018 or at the beginning of 2019.

The first season can be found in different media sources. The manga became extremely popular due to its unique plot. The end of the first season made it clear that the new season is about to arrive. However, the lack of content can be a reason for such a long delay. We do hope it will not take publishers too long to come up with a new pack of stories about Staz the vampire and his beloved ghost girlfriend.

Blood Lad Season 2 Characters

Nothing will change drastically in a new season. We might meet some new characters that are not crucial to the main plot of the series. Fans will meet their favorite characters including:

  • Staz Charlie Blood – the vampire who does not drink human blood. He likes video games and anime movies. He is also in coverage of the Eastern district of the Monster World.
  • Fuyumi Yanagi – a Japanese schoolgirl who finds a magic portal and gets to the Monster World. She was killed by Staz guard and turned into a ghost.
  • Hydrabell – a girl that is able to control the portal. She can open it any time and transport people to different points using the portal. She is also a treasure hunter featuring short height.

Blood Lad Season 2 Premiere

Despite the lack of information regarding the Blood Lad Season 2 release date, fans never stop signing petitions with an effort to prolong the series. Producers still keep silence. However, according to some available info, the new season will start in 2018 or 2019. We are waiting for the official release and keep an eye on the updates.

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