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Avatar 2 Release Date


The premiere of the science fiction film ‘Avatar’ took place in London in 2009. Almost immediately, it was being screened internationally. The film was a commercial success. With a budget of 240 million dollars, it gathered a total of almost 3 billion dollars. In 2013, director James Cameron signed a contract with 20th Century Fox to create three films that were supposed to be a trilogy. The plan was to release Avatar 2 back in 2016. However, Cameron later stated that the release of this film was pushed back to 2018, and that three more franchise films would be released in the following years. But even this date turned out not to be final.

About the Film

The action takes place in the year 2154. There are almost no natural resources remaining on Earth, however, a rare mineral, unobtanium, was discovered on the planet Pandora. The RDA Corporation begins mining operations for this mineral. On Pandora live the na’vi, a race of intelligent humanoids. Scientists create avatars, through which people can explore this planet. When one of the scientists dies, Jake Sully arrives to replace him. He has to go through many tests to find his love.

Actors and Roles

For the role of Jake Sully, Cameron was looking for an unknown actor. This was Sam Worthington. The role of Neytiri was played by Zoe Saldana, the colonel Miles Quaritch – Stephen Lang. In the film you will also see the actors: Dileep Rao (Dr. Max Patel), Michelle Rodriguez (pilot Trudy Chacon), Peter Mensah (the Horse Clan Leader), and others.

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Features of Film Production

Innovative technologies were used in the making of this motion picture. A new lighting system for large areas was used. The filming took place in a pavilion using technology that captured facial expressions. Special designs were attached to the actors’ heads in order to capture their facial expressions. All the data was transferred to a computer to convey 100% of the actor’s talents.

The creation of visual effects was carried out by a company called Weta Digital. A special cloud-based digital asset management system was created specifically for Avatar. In order to create the virtual world of Pandora, more than a petabyte of digital space had to be used.

Avatar 2 Release Date

When will Avatar 2 start? In October 2013, Sam Worthington confirmed on air at an Australian radio station, that the shooting of the second part of the film would be starting in October 2014. It was planned that filming would last one year. But it has dragged on now for 5 years. Cameron was planning to receive the materials for the other franchise films during filming. This is most likely the reason for the delay.

The continuous delay of the release date gave rise to doubts among Avatar fans: would there really be a continuation? We can answer undoubtedly – there will definitely be a second film. Official Avatar 2 premiere date: December 18th 2020. This is the date of the world premiere. The date of a premiere in Russia has not yet been specified. It is hoped that Cameron is filming all the parts simultaneously, and that the premiere of the second film will be shortly followed by the third.

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Avatar 2 trailer

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  1. Seriously, 2020??! That’s like 2 years from now! I have to wait that long? Gosh!! I hope I don’t lose interest before then. Well, it had better come out great at the end.

  2. Cool. I actually enjoyed the first movie and I’m very sure this one would be just as great or even better. But I really don’t like why it has to drag this long anyway.

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