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Asterisk War Season 3


Asterisk War is the anime concept that resulted in the collaboration of Yū Miyazaki and Okiura. It features ten volumes of a light Japanese web novel released in 2012. The anime debut took place as the manga publication in a printed version. Later it was illustrated by Ningen for new three volumes to be published.

Three years later, the manga was eventually available as the television series produced by A-1 Pictures. The studio made a name for itself by producing various manga series. Asterisk War premier took place on October 3, 2015. Two seasons have been released since that time introducing 24 exciting episodes (12 episodes in each season). The second season got on the air in 2016 followed by a popular any video game based on the series storyline. The success was really huge. Fans from across the globe are waiting for the Asterisk War Season 3 release date. This is why the series has been official licensing in North America as well.

When Will Asterisk War Season 3 be Released?

Asterisk War boasts great feedback from all fans across the globe. Despite such success, producers keep the date of Asterisk War Season 3 premiere in secret. Neither creator nor producing companies have shared any news regarding the sequel continuation. We have examined several forums and anime communities to learn more about the insights. According to rumors shared by Japanese fans, we should expect the Asterisk War Season 3 premiere not earlier than 2019-2020. Please, not that the info is based only on rumors. The authors or producers have made no official statements yet.

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Asterisk War Season 3 release date

Asterisk War Season 3 Storyline

The scenario looks pretty mundane. Integrated Enterprises rule the planet. Their activity results in global destructions. The economy is declining drastically. Most of the cities are in ruins. The humanity tries to find the slightest chance to survive. It results in some people gaining superpowers. They become Asterisk or Genestella and take part in a global tournament. Those of them who win will have the right to join one of six academies. While five of the academies boast high ranks, one academy is out of the competition. Its council president is about to make the tables turned and improve the situation for the Seidoukan Academy.

Meanwhile, the sister of the council president suddenly disappears. Ayato Amagiri is in charge of the investigation. He looks into the case to find the president’s sister Haruka. She used to study at Seidoukan Academy where she had some problems with her classmates, especially after the incident when Ayato found her half-naked.

Asterisk War Season 3 Characters

The new season might bring us some new faces. However, we will certainly meet some of our main characters including:

  • Ayato Amagiri: he effortlessly tries to find Haruka – the lost sister of the academy’s council president. He joins the academy after the fight with Haruka, as he finds her half-naked. He has raw powers and protects Julis from an arrow during their fight on the first day at school.
  • Claudia Enfield: she boasts the second-highest student rank in the academy. She works as the council president and is eager to make the academy popular again. Her mission is to win the Gryps. She helps Ayato with the admission to enter the academy. She has some special skills. Moreover, she is the master of the thousand eyes.
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We are looking forward to the official Asterisk War Season 3 announcement and a set of new amazing anime episodes.

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