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Alvin and the chipmunks 5


In 2007, the world premiere of a family comedy about three chipmunks “Alvin and the Chipmunks” took place. The film was based on a fictional story about the musical group of the 60s. Comedy has liked both adults and children, despite the negative reviews of critics. After the first part, three more films were released: the second and third parts, as well as the film “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Grandiose Burundian Conclusion”, which can be considered the fourth part. When will the film Alvin and the chipmunks 5 come out?

The development of the plot

In the first part of the film, musician Dave Saville before Christmas gets to know a funny trio of talking chipmunks. First they are annoying him, but then he realizes that they will make a great musical group. Dave writes songs for them, and chipmunks perform. Soon the band becomes popular. But Agent Dave lures the chipmunks to him and starts exploiting them. Chipmunks arrange an escape and return to Dave.

In 2009, the film “Alvin and the Chipmunks 2” was released. The group of chipmunks continues to tour, they go to Paris, where they are waiting for new adventures. In the third part of “Alvin and the Chipmunks 3” viewers will see how friends spend time on a cruise. During the voyage, the chipmunks fly to the uninhabited island on a kite. Later they get to Jan and Dave, who flew to look for them on a hang-glider. Wherever the chipmunks are always fun, this part of the film is characterized by funny turns of the plot, funny jokes, songs and funny situations, in which the characters of the movie fall.

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“Grandiose Burundseklyuchenie” became the fourth film “Alvin and the Chipmunks”. Dave has a girl named Samantha, who has Miles’s son. He and the chipmunks immediately got into a conflict, and they live together until Dave and Samantha are in Miami. Chipmunks substitute themselves with wild squirrels and go after Dave. Travel promises to be fun.

alvin and the chipmunks 5 premiere

Information about the movie

The film was shot by the film company Twentieth Century Fox. The director was Tim Hill. The cast includes actors: Jason Lee in the role of Dave, David Cross in the role of Jan Hawke. The voice of the chipmunks involved actors: Matthew Gray Gabler, Justin Long, Jesse McCartney. In the Russian version of Dave voiced by Sergei Burunov, Yana – Nikita Prozorovsky. Songs in the film, translated into Russian, were performed by the a capella trio Jukebox Trio. Most likely, in the new film Alvin and the chipmunks 5 actor and backup composition will not change.

Reviews about the movie

Despite the fact that the audience took the film “Alvin and the Chipmunks” well, they were eagerly awaiting the release of every new piece, the film critics did not share their opinion. The average score of the film was 4.4 out of 10. Peter Bradshaw considered the comedy stupid, the magazine Variety – a harmless and amusing trifle. But Philip Francch said that the film is very popular with children and adults.

The responses of Russian critics are also mostly negative. Oleg Denezhka said that the plot of the film is not worked out, the characters are superficial, the film lacks drama. Although he also noted the delicate humor of the main characters. We hope that the picture of Alvin and the chipmunks 5 will receive more favorable reviews.

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alvin and the chipmunks 5

When Will Alvin and the Chipmunks 5 be released

Neither Twentieth Century Fox, nor the creators of the film, stated that there would be Alvin and the chipmunks 5, the release date of the film was not officially announced. But it is known from unofficial sources that the continuation is planned. This year, see the exciting comedy Alvin and the chipmunks 5 will not work, but by the spring of 2019, the shooting is scheduled to be completed. What awaits the audience in the fifth part? You do not have to miss the chipmunks. Everyone is waiting for unrestrained fun, music, songs and sparkling jokes.

Alvin and the chipmunks 5 release date

Name Release date
Alvin and the chipmunks April of 2019

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