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The Rental 2


If you like horror movies, you probably haven’t passed by the newcomer of the year, “The Rental.” And those who have watched the picture are wondering: when will “The Rental 2” be out? And they have pretty good reason to believe that a sequel will be released. But we’ll come back to that question a little later.

The Rental 2 – Plot

Have you ever rented a place through Airnb? Looked at the attractive pictures on the site, imagining the perfect vacation? This story begins with two couples deciding to have a great weekend. They book a chic and remote home where they intend to take a break from their everyday lives and the world around them. But from the start, the couple’s journey is doomed. Sexual tension between Mina and her coworker Charlie culminates in drunken sex in the shower, even though she is dating Charlie’s brother Josh. Charlie and Mina discover video cameras in the house. But the peculiar thing is that they can’t call the police, because that would reveal their affair. They also can’t tell their spouses for the same reason.

There is also Charlie’s sweet, optimistic wife Michelle, who seems blissfully unaware of her husband’s cheating. Petty arguments merge into a hostile dynamic. Eventually, tensions within the group as well as a racist landlord cause the situation to spiral out of control…

The Rental 2 – Cast

  • Charlie is Michelle’s husband and Josh’s brother. The role is played by Dan Stevens (“Call of the Ancestors,” “The Ex From Beyond”).
    Michelle is Charlie’s wife. The role is played by Allison Bree (“Happiest Season,” “The Wall Street Hunter”).
    Mina – Josh’s girlfriend and Charlie’s business partner. The role is played by Sheila Wand (“Highway for Players,” “Triple Frontier”).
    Josh is Mina’s boyfriend and Charlie’s brother. The role is played by Jeremy Allen White (“Homecoming,” “We Gotta Get Out of This Place”).
    Taylor is played by Toby Hass (“Sacred Lies,” “The Righteous Jamestones”).
    The lady of the house is played by Connie Wellman.
    The man in the mask is played by Anthony Molinari (“Bad Boys Forever,” “Sonny’s Obsession”).
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The Rental 2  Release Date

An exact premiere date for Part 2 of “The Rental” has not yet been announced, but Dave Franco has explicitly hinted that there will be a sequel. But it won’t come out until 2022.

Interesting Facts

Principal photography began on April 22, 2019 and continued through May 24 in Bendon and Portland, Oregon.
Franco co-wrote the script with Joe Swanberg, based on a story by the pair and Mike Demsky.
The film was released on video-on-demand and in some U.S. theaters on July 24, 2020, by IFC Films.
The film received generally positive reviews from critics and became the second film ever to top the VOD and box office charts in the same weekend.
The picture grossed about $130,000 at 251 theaters on its first day and $420,871 on the weekend.
The film was the most rented movie on Apple TV, the iTunes Store and other streaming services.
Danny Bensi and Sonder Jurriaans worked on the musical accompaniment.

The Rental 2 Trailer

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