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Space Force season 2


The sci-fi series “Space Force” has been renewed for a second season. The first ten episodes, which came out on Netflix in May 2020, were well received by viewers. And they were watched by more than forty million people. How will the sequel please? And when will Space Force season 2 come out?

What was in the first season

Lieutenant General Mark Naird got another star. And he’s about to undercut Air Force General Kick Grabaston by taking over his post. But his superiors have a different opinion. Mark becomes the head of a new unit. It’s the Space Force. Their mission is to conquer the moon in a short time. That’s what the president wants. And Naird goes to Colorado to the great displeasure of his wife and daughter.

It takes a whole year to prepare for the launch of the first satellite. Grabaston whispers to management that the space force is only wasting budget money. Mark needs to prove otherwise. He rushes the launch. All the scientists are against it. Only Eddie supports Mark. And the launch proceeds, at first glance, successfully.

But immediately it becomes clear that there is another one flying up to the satellite. It’s the Chinese. Now the Ebsilon satellite is left without a power source. General Naird’s team tries to save the situation. To do this, a monkey is sent into space. But it flies off in an unknown direction.

With Grabaston’s suggestion, a budget check of the space forces begins. Mark is summoned to a meeting of Congress. But he manages to convince everyone that the research is successful. And it is necessary to increase the budget in order to conquer the Moon. And a financial check now awaits the Air Force and Kick.

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Everything finally succeeds. The Americans land on the moon and set up their base there. But there is already a Chinese base there. And a video of a Chinese lunar rover crushing a U.S. flag hits the net. Kick demands that an attack be launched against the Americans. The scientists are vehemently opposed. Mark himself is forced to let things slide. After all, his daughter is in trouble and must be rescued immediately. He takes a helicopter and sets out to find her.

The general saves his daughter. And then he sees his wife, who escaped from prison. She, too, rushes to save her daughter. The guard Louise helped her escape.

Space Force Season 2: Plot

While Mark was dealing with personal matters, a special team of astronauts destroyed the Chinese base on the moon. They stole food supplies, released oxygen from the cylinders. After reporting back to Earth about their “exploits,” they returned to their base. But it turned out that their base was also completely destroyed. Adrian asks Mark to do something, because the astronauts are in danger of death.

Actors and Roles

Mark Nield is Lieutenant General. First Commander of the United States Air Force. The role went to Steve Carell (“The Office,” “The Authority”).


Adrian Mallory is a scientist who works alongside Mark. Opposes Violence. Believes that the moon should be studied, not feuded with other countries. The role is played by John Malkovich (“In the Line of Fire,” “Bird Box”).


Kick Grabaston is the commander of the U.S. Air Force and Mark’s nemesis. In the role of Kick is American actor Noah Emmerich (“Billions,” “The Americans”).

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Bobby is Captain Telatovich, a Russian observer. The role of Bobby starred Russian actor and singer Alexei Vorobiev (“Deffchonki”).


Angela Ali – pilot space force, takes part in the operation to destroy the Chinese station. The role is played by Tony News (“The Twilight Zone”).


Erin is Mark’s daughter. She is played by Diana Silvers (“Glass”).


Chan Caiphan is Adrian’s right-hand man, a scientist. The role is played by Jimmy O. Yang (“Fantasy Island,” “Patriots’ Day”).


The series features:


Michael Hitchcock.

Rahul Nath

Amanda Lund

Caroline Wilson and others.

Space Force season 2 release date


When will Space Force season 2 be released? No release date has been set yet. But the series has officially been renewed. This means that filming may start soon. And the new episodes will not be released until 2021.


Title Number of episodes Release date

Space Force 2 season 10 May 2021


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