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Jungle Cruise 2


In June 2021, the world premiere of the adventure film “Jungle Cruise” took place. In Russian distribution the film was released a month later. And although the box office receipts are still far from what was expected, the film shows high ratings by the number of viewings. Not surprisingly, its creators are already talking about a sequel. Will there be a Jungle Cruise 2?

Plot of the first movie.

The story goes back to the 16th century. Back then, Spanish conquistadors came to South America in search of a magic tree. They believed its leaves had unique healing powers. Half of their party died in the jungle. And the wounded and sick are healed in the local tribe with these very petals. The Spaniards were ungrateful. They wanted the secret of the Tree of Life, but were cursed.

In the early 20th century, Lily Houghton, a botanist with the Royal Society of Explorers also searches for the mythical tree.  She believes an arrowhead found earlier by another explorer may be the clue. But no one listens to her. Then she steals the artifact in question. Lily and her brother Macgregor travel to South America. There they meet Frank Wolf. He organizes boat tours for tourists. He claims that the magic tree does not exist. But he and Lily arrange for him to take them to the jungle in his boat.

But they are chased by different people. There’s Nilo, a businessman who wants to take Frank’s boat. Then there’s Prince Joachim, a German aristocrat, on a submarine. And his mercenaries, they have the task of getting the arrowhead. Frank manages to get away from them. But Lily doesn’t know if she can trust her new acquaintance. It turns out that the leopard he protected her from is his pet.

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Joachim manages to find the conquistadors, who have been encased in stone for 300 years. He brings them to life. And they all attack the protagonists to get their hands on the arrowhead. But Lily already knows where to look for the mythical tree. It must unfurl its leaves under the blood moon. Fighting the Spaniards, Frank himself turns to stone.

Jungle Cruise 2: Plot description

Lily has only one petal. And she spends it to bring Frank back to life. The curse is lifted from him. And the moon lights up the tree one last time, giving Lily one more petal. Now she can continue her research. Together with her brother and Frank, the girl returns to England. She is offered to do research at the Society, but she does not want to work with those who did not believe her. Lily promises Frank she will show him London. Which she does at the end of the first film. She also teaches him how to drive a car. How will the fate of the main characters develop further? What adventures await them ahead? About that in the movie Jungle Cruise 2. Release date is not yet scheduled.

Jungle Cruise cast

The role of Frank played by American actor Dwayne Johnson. This is not his first shooting in adventure films. Viewers know him from the role of Metayas in “King of Scorpions”, Beck in “Amazon Treasure”, Smolder in “Jumanji”.
In the role of Lily, viewers saw Emily Blunt. This British actress played Freya in “Snow White and the Huntsman,” Evelyn in “A Quiet Place.”
The role of Macgregor went to Jack Whitehall. He starred in Urban Legends and Good Omens.
The other roles in the first film involved actors E. Ramirez, P. Giamatti, D. Rovira, E. Nyman and others.
Jungle Cruise 2: release date

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In July 2021, lead actor Dwayne Johnson announced that he was in talks with Disney for a sequel. So far, no release date has been set for Jungle Cruise 2.

Jungle Cruise 2 Release Date

Jungle Cruise 2 not before 2023


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